Pumpkin Scissors – 20

Orland, Oreld, and Machs attempt to stop the rebellion of people that are going after the party Alice is at.


This episode had a lot less action then I thought it would, with the breaking in of the rebels. I suppose we will see some more when Section I comes and does whatever they were going to do, seemingly stop the spread of the reports. It seemed like he sent out some Axe squad but the people in the truck looked like Claymore One. Either they all have similar outfits and armor or it will be even more interesting with another confrontation between them and Pumpkin Scissors. However this episode was pretty good I thought. Even for something not focused on the Invisible 9, this episode made war relief a lot more serious. It really addressed the separation of nobles and commoners well I thought, as before it wasn’t really addressed, just mentioned in passing.

I thought there were some interesting developments between Alice and Orland. Although not directly, the conversation Alice had with Leonir was interesting. I hadn’t really thought of this as a possibility but it seems like there may be some romance there. It seems odd but Alice seemed to be thinking about him a lot, and when Orland saw her he was stunned at how she looked. It was interesting at least. There may not really be any room or chance for romance there, but they had some interesting development about the relationship that was there. Alice seemed to say some pretty interesting things about how he isn’t really strong and doesn’t really want to fight anyone.

Orland’s dream was kind of very weird… He had some visions before but this one got kind of trippy. With hands reaching out of blood and grabbing him, pulling him under water or under blood. It was more then him just hearing the Toten Sie thing, it got really…very odd. I can’t really describe it any more then that, much more odd then it had been before in any other episode.

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  1. Oh I like these episodes of the ball. Got the manga recently and couldn´t wait to see how it was going to be brought by Gonzo.
    A little bit low paced but nicely done.

    To tell the truth about the romance of Alice and Randel. I´ve been tracking it since chapter 1 -one of the reasons i like the anime… yeah I am a girl-. I feel there is more from the Randel side. They are disguising it with feelings of admiration and protection. But I am happy with it. They are both lonely (does anyone remember Alice grandfather saying so to her as a child?) and they also need someone who stick by their side. You get to see more of Randel admiration for her in this chapter, as you said. But I also like the idea that she doesn´t blush a bit for anything that casanova-Leonir says but she can easily blush by a simple remark by Randel. Yes, there is something there.

    The suffering parts of Randel always freak me out. But I get fascinated. They really have to keep going this series. Why is Randel having so many nightmares? What on earth did they do to him to train him as a Gespenster Jäger!!

  2. Randel is having issues with civilians vs. soldiers, among other things.

    More than anything, I want to find out what that lantern really is. How does his Töten Sie mode work?

  3. I also want the same, TFG. That´s why I don´t want the anime to end… because we still have nothing about the mischievous Kaplan organization that, besides employing skinny-evil-looking-girls-with-glasses who like to stare to tall-naked-men, produces such super-soldiers like the invisible 9.
    The mistery of the lantern and the reason why Randel has such nightmares must be resolved somehow… they better do!

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