Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 05

While Manabi is sick with the mumps, Mei and Mikan must work together to come up with a theme for the school festival.


This episode was again surprising serious focused. Although the main theme of this show continues to be comedy, they had a rather serious focus of the relationship and friendship of Mei and Mikan, dealing with how each of them had trouble making friends. It surprises me because they do it so well in conjuncture with the great comedy. So far we’ve had some pretty interesting thins such as Manabi doubting if she is good enough, Mei’s traumatic experience with being a leader, and now this. However admits all of that it keeps a rather uplifting, cute, and funny just enjoyable show to watch.

Aside from the development in the relationship between Mei and Mikan, this episode was absolutely hilarious. I absolutely loved the bit where Mikan was kicking the shit out of Shimo, the teacher. She went berserk in a funny child like way, calling him a traitor and hitting him and kicking his head. Perhaps there is something about loli’s going berserk that is funnier then it seems, that bit just seemed to be absolutely hilarious. Also, this show seems to really excel at making some of the smaller things very funny Such as Mei and Mikan working and Mei’s pile of books going down but Mikan’s going slow and then stopping because she was sleeping. It was just a quick five second shot of them working but really shows and utilizes the characters thus far.

I thought the little bit with Momo was great. I had said before that she is my favorite character and it still stands even from the very little she has appeared. So far it hasn’t been much at all, which surprises me as to why I like her so much. It was so random and funny for her to just be standing around staring off like she’s a zombie. I hope she has her own episode or an episode focusing a bit on her as right know she is almost the least involved of the girls, but one of the funniest none the less. Perhaps they will have some episode where she officially joins the student council since as of now its really only Mikan, Mei, and Manabi.

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