Figure Photoshoot Delays

I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma about taking picures of my figures. As of now I have three figures that I have yet to taken pictures of. That isn’t that much, less then some I know, but I’ve had them for about three months now and have been trying to get pictures of them. I dont have 80+ figures so I want to get pcitures of the ones I do have. However, due to the fact that the scenery outside is horrible, I’ve been a bit reluctant to go take pictures. It’s either snow, or melted snow and mud. Which doesn’t add the most vibrant colors to the figure shoot background.

I’ve tried to take pictrues inside, I’ve even looked at the guides and posts people have done. The guides and information out there is great, but all of my pictures taken inside suck. They’re absolutely horrible. The color of the figures was either off or it was dark around the edes of the figure, I tried using the reflector and everything but nothing seemed to work. So, I’m in a bit of a dilemma.

It wouldn’t be so bad, its only three figures after all, but I’m expecting four more figures realativly soon. Two I ordered from hlj, Alter Nagi and Hikaru, should arrive as soon as hlj acually processes my request for shiping available items (It’s been almost a week). Another two that I ordered from tj_han from his bazaar thing. Ironically, the GSC Nagi and Hikaru…yeah. Anyways, I’m not too sure what to do. I want to get pictures of the three I have before the four more come but the scenery isn’t too good. I’ll probably have to take it with less then great background and go re shoot them sometime when its nicer outside, but it feels a shame to just have to take not too good picutres because of the background.

The other problem I have is I’m also reluctant to actually take my Alter Fate Testarossa figure outside for a shoot. Very intricate and big so I dont want it to break. I suppose I could go just a bit outside with like a card table for more stability, but again the scenery wouldn’t be the best.

So, thats my rant on my problem :D

3 thoughts on “Figure Photoshoot Delays”

  1. Hm, it really depends on your camera. And photoshop. Try this: Stick a large white background near the balcony or window. So you are basically using sunlight yet with an indoor setting. It works for me.

  2. 3 figures really isn’t a large backlog. Before my figure backlog was roughly around 8 figures. Currently it’s about 3-4. Also you don’t need an awesome camera to take awesome pictures. tj han and super rats have proved this, you just need to consider your surroundings and the lighting you have. If things turn out too bright or too dark, you can simply edit them in photoshop. I’ve had ones like that before and just photoshop them.

    You are lucky to have snow. I would absolutely love to take pictures in the snow as it would do wonders for the Kanon figures I have. As for the Alter Fate figure. Personally I wouldn’t take it outside. Even though majority of the figure is made of ABS, you still have the risk of damaging it.

    Try out tj han’s idea of using a white background near a balcony or window. If you have a problem with blurred photos due to hand shake, try using a tripod, or place your camera on somewhere flat and use the timer function.

  3. I know 3 isn’t a lot, but 7 would be which is why I want to get these done before the 4 more come. The snow did look neat for my Caren figure but it doesn’t really fit with someone in a bikini and another in a large button down t-shirt.

    I’ll try tj’s idea but I tried everything for indoor shoots, lighting changes, used diffuser and reflector, changed shutter brightness, so on. I must innately suck :D

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