Kanon Remake – 20

Yuuichi deals with Shiori’s fate as he spends his days with Nayuki and Ayu, reflecting on the past.


Wow was this episode nerve wracking. Which is a little bit odd because I’ve seen the original series several times and know pretty much what happens in the game in the scenarios. It’s not about wondering what’s going to happen. I still feel that knowing the old series makes this series just as much if not more exciting because I get to see old things in a new way and I anticipate things I know are coming but in just a different way. It’s like experiencing stuff over again but added with animation and anxiety. The first half of this episode was great, it was very lax and rather touching I thought to see some of the moments. They did a good job of showing an easy going relationship between the two of them. I don’t think their kiss was out of place, which I’ll rant about next paragraph, but it was nice to see that they weren’t full blown into a relationship either. However the second half is where I was just on the edge of my seat bringing with excitement seeing what I knew was going to happen. Ayu’s whole breakdown was simply amazing. The thing that surprised even me is how much they seemed to just take a huge turn in her development. They were going steady and a bit flat line with her plot development, and then BOOM she’s freaking out saying how she doesn’t belong here and disappears into thin air. (She doesn’t run away, trust me, she poofs)

I think I need to stress this again because I still saw people commenting places that the kiss between Yuuichi and Ayu was wrong. WHAT!? How the hell is it wrong? Some idiot even said that it was out of place and disgusting because Ayu was half Yuuichi’s height. First of all, she’s not, she’s also his age. But second the kiss and their relationship fit emotionally. They knew each other seven years ago; Ayu has loved Yuuichi sense then and has kept having feelings for him for all the time he’s been in town and up till then. She’s the one who initiated the kiss. However, Yuuichi also has feelings for her. If he didn’t’ he wouldn’t suddenly gain them right after the kiss and confess to Ayu. He did know and remember her and his feelings for her from seven years ago, she just didn’t remember certain events that happened, but he still remembered about her. At that point the kiss was perfectly fine and I think the reactions that they portrayed were done wonderfully.

Oh, I want to say this because I don’t think I did back in the Makoto arc. Yuuichi said in this episode that his first love was just an older girl he had a crush on. That girls name was Sawatori Makoto. He named the fox after his first love; they didn’t really explain that in this version.


Haha, the breakdown scene was great. Much better then the old series. They didn’t really show her freaking out in the other version, just kind of coming to a realization it seemed. They kept the whole school topic thing really well I thought. It seems like next episode they’ll tell us that her second wish was to go to school, making that tree her school with Yuuichi which is why she freaked out when it wasn’t there. It really ties things in that she remembers things as if those seven years when Yuuichi were gone didn’t happen. I thought it was a really cool line where Ayu said it felt like the reality in front of her was a dream, because to her it was.

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  1. >> Some idiot even said that it was out of place and disgusting because Ayu was half Yuuichi’s height.

    Now that is just plain bulllllz =\
    But i guess thaz common reaction, most ppl’s view are tainted with the thoughts about “lolicon” OTZ Which cant really be helped, not to mention I’ve seen worse reactions like simply claiming Ayu is a poorly developed character or her role being a main heroine was enforced etc. Being a default heroine isn’t ez i guess, because they are so easily hated and condemned by biased visions…. sigh, poor Ayu.

    >> Haha, the breakdown scene was great.
    I think KA got the inspiration from Higurashi lol, now we have Mai on berserk mode, Shiori on spaced out suicidal mode, Ayu on Higurashi panic mode, whos next? Nayuki! (Aww they didn’t have Makoto on any crazy mode… =.=)

  2. I hated the start of the episode because the romance felt awful. Yuuichi was a total dork in the relationship, he didn’t seem to know at all what being a boyfriend was like he was very awkward and Ayu wasn’t any better, but I started to ease off since it was their first real boyfriend/girlfriend. The second half was great as I saw Yuuichi really loved Ayu and Ayu loved him aswell. The scenes of them two searching together really made me see how much the two belong together.

    Watch the next episode soon, the whole thing is great and one scene is just WOW. :)

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