Asatte no Houkou – 12 [Final]

Hiro and Shouko arrive at where Karada is staying, confronting her with Tetsu as they all figure out what to do and their feelings about everything.


Wow, that was simply amazing. I’ll talk about the series as a whole below under Final Words, but this episode by itself was great too, just like all the other episodes seemed to be. The end was great. I remember watching it and getting near the end, with only two minutes left life hitting my desk in anticipation in how or if they would return to normal. They only actually changed at the very last second, which was something I wasn’t really expecting but it worked out great. I thought they’d change back a little earlier and then resolve some things and end the show. However it seemed to really fit the theme of during this summer, those were the changes that had been going. It wasn’t what they were normally like that was interesting; it’s what these changes brought about that was. Once they retuned it not only symbolized them returning to their bodies, but that life and things were resolved. Karada and Tetsu’s relationship had been expressed, and Shouko and Hiro had gotten back together because of what they realized though their ordeal. I thought it was really cool how they did that, and one of the most non action sequences that made me as excited and anticipated as I was. I was scared for a moment that they would stay as they are. Not that big of an age difference that Tetsu and Karada couldn’t have been together, and maybe Shouko and Hiro would stay apart. I was scared that would happen. Although it would be interesting to see it that way, and wouldn’t automatically be bad, I really wanted them back to normal.

Tetsu had a much greater part in this final episode then I could have anticipated. I had along thought he was going to be more important then he seemed, but I didn’t think it would go as far as being the main and final point of Karada’s dilemma. It was, at the end, all about him and his feelings towards her that they concluded things. I thought he would just be there, maybe never even knowing the truth, and she would hammer it out with Hiro about being a burden or not. It was neat just because of how much of a side character he seemed like in the beginning.

I thought I was cool how they showed that Hiro had cut his hair at the end. It was always something that I thought was interesting, they showed that while he was with Shouko and things were happy his hair was clean cut and his face showed, however thought all of the present I was messy and covered is face. I think its neat, not just symbolizing a hair cut but that it was short just like it used to because he was back to how he used to be.

Final Words:

I remember when I first started to watch this show. It was indeed when it first aired but I remember thinking originally that it wasn’t very interesting. In fact I was at first not even going to bother watching or blogging it. But I decided I should pick up one or two more shows because my load was a bit light and so I picked this. I was not expecting much at all. The premise was some guy’s sister and ex girlfriend switch ages? What the hell was up with that? It didn’t’ see interesting because it was his ex girlfriend so there didn’t seem to be any potential for romance there and especially if they switch places why the hell would I care about his EX girlfriend that was too far apart in age for him now anyways? Well, I can say I am glad that I just watched it anyways. This has definitely turned out to be one of the most surprisingly good and just simply flat out amazing g shows I have watched. I don’t have a top favorite anime, it’s too hard to pick, but this has definitely shot up into my top five. From such an odd premise they put everything together so perfectly and originally, it just worked.

The main thing that I think makes this show so interesting is the characters. Without the characters being as great as they are the weird story wouldn’t have worked out nearly as well at all. This premise could easily have been a pure comedy one, even given the beautiful scenery and art; this show could have been easily mediocre. The characters are what took an interesting and unique premise and made it spectacular. Anything can be original, doesn’t mean it’s good. The characters really tied those together. All of them really, event he side characters. Tetsu played a huge part when at first he seemed like he was just a side character to show that people were wondering what was going on. Kotomi seemed useless but turned out to be important not only in getting the plot done, but in resolving the main point of Shouko’s part in the story, teaching her and having her learn what a friend is like. Although, it’s not just the side characters, everyone was just amazing. At first Shouko seemed like a bitch, I remember thinking in the first episode that I could care less about her, but as the story went on her character became so interesting, like the others, how she had been heart broken for the only man she loved, didn’t know why, and was forced to re-live encountering him. Karada seemed to be personality less, just a little kid that becomes an adult. However I was constantly amazed at all the serious points that were going on about her thinking how she wanted to be an adult because she was a burden, or blaming herself for her brother and Shouko splitting, up, going back to the getting in the way thing. Things were so much deeper for everyone in this show, it was great.

And as I said above, this show was made better by the constant beauty of the scenes. The music, the calming serene settings, the animation and surroundings made this show have a feel unlike I’ve seen in any other anime. Animation doesn’t make a show, this could have still been interesting and great without super top of the line stuff like that, but really it seemed to accentuate it. Its hard to describe, its not the same mind blowing animation that you would see form say KyoAni, but it truly gave this show a feel of its own.

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