Tona-Gura! – 12

Yuuji, as per advice, starts acting completely non perverted, causing Kazuki to be overjoyed but eventually wearing Yuuji out to the point that he is almost a zombie thought the day.


The end leaves for the final episode to be a bit clichéd. With one person in the relationship supposedly having to leave. The way this series is, in how non serious it usually is my guess is that Yuuji and Marie will end up staying where they are. They don’t have any kind of foundation to make a kind of end where they end up separated. It’s just far too serious of an event for this series to end on. It will obviously be that he stays, however even though it’s a done before kind of way it will still be interesting to find out what happens, as not only do they have to resolve that but Kazuki has to somehow get Yuuji to snap out of the trance he is in now and come to the realization that Yuuji is ok the way he is and she loves who he is as well as who he sued to be. She already kind of made that revelation, but she has to tell Yuuji that and get her feelings across. The end won’t be too bad if they both know each others feelings. I’m guessing Yuuji will still stay a pervert and Kazuki getting annoyed, but that was the whole point of this episode that that’s what it’s supposed to be. That’s who Kazuki liked before and still does. But as long as they add that they know their feelings and a little closer it will be good because the whole series won’t have been a waste then.

I must admit I was a bit surprised at the conclusion to what the letter brought. I had just expected it to be her saying she loved him and giving it to him, or maybe Yuuji finding it by himself somehow. I never expected it to be a key to saying that Yuuji has always been a pervert. Although, I do like the possibilities that that brings up because as I kind of said above what it really does for the story is say that Kazuki was ok with the pervert thing before enough that she loved him, so its something that she can get over now and will eventually work out. Not at all what I expected and surprising sophisticated and interesting plot device for this show that I’m impressed with.

I thought it was pretty funny how Marie was also being affected by the change like Yuuji was because she wasn’t’ able to shoot Yuuji. Although her shooting him lost its charm after the first couple of episodes, it was still funny here because it wasn’t the exact same thing. The way she was pulling her fingers in air looking desperate was pretty funny I think.

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