Pumpkin Scissors – 19

Alice has to go to a ball with all of the nobles, where she is to discuss her engagement with Leonir because of certain events that have transpired.


I thought the whole baby brother thing was interesting. They hadn’t really done much with the fact that Alice is a noble. Her background and history have always been there, and they made it known she was a noble but asides from her once or twice saying how she is a noble and wont lie, they didn’t really use the fact that she had that. This was the first episode that they showed some inner troubles and drama about the actual nobility and being the successor or lead of the family and such. It’s an interesting enough concept that they haven’t really dealt with too much. I’d like to see them elaborate a bit more on the troubles of having to be a noble, especially given Alice’s view on how things should be run. I loved when she picked up the food off the ground to prove a point. I knew she was going to do something but its much cooler that she did that then beat someone up, because she didn’t do anything wrong.

For an episode as centered on Alice and her relationship with Leonir, I was surprised that there wasn’t any real big hint towards him being in the Silver Wheel, or at least working with them. They showed a while back him talking to the guy in the mask which we recently found out was part of that organization. Leonir seemed to be pretty important or into it, and since he is a fiancé to the main character and not featured every episode, that automatically makes him evil. So, I was expecting at least a little thing at the end where he reported in. They did have a small bit where he was wondering how she knew of the hardships or what she has seen in the world to be how she is, but that doesn’t necessarily link itself with anything; it just shows that he is interested in her.

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