D. Gray-Man – 19

Allen goes to investigate a village which he heard General Cross has been seen in, and while there ends up being pleaded with to go after a vampire nearby that has been terrorizing town lately.


For a rather uneventful episode, I rather enjoyed this one. Nothing too much seemed to happen except the setup of going after this vampire, but that itself seemed to be pretty interesting as it seems like it’s not an Akuma, what they are normally going after. Although, I suppose it COULD be an Akuma since Allen can’t see with his eye there isn’t a definite answer, but even if the vampire is an Akuma it’s still turning out to be pretty interesting. I think the girl has more to do with the story then has been shown before, like she is the actual vampire or something and the big guy is her partner or servant. They are both featured in the OP so this whole arc has to end up being a little bit more then some of the other small ones like the Victorio one. With them actually confronting the vampire already or at least running into it, it seems like next episode will likely be fairly exciting. Fore the most part though, this didn’t do anything but build up the premise that it seems next episode will have, which I hope is good or it will be a waste of two episodes.

I’m glad that they brought General Cross back into the story, as his role in thing seemed to be pretty important, interesting at least. They hadn’t really talked about him much, not even the fact that he went missing. It didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal but it’s seemed like it should. Him being a general, seemingly one of six or a certain small number means something by itself, and then his mysterious appearance and the fact that he was Allen’s teacher just add to it all of which seemed to be relatively discarded. Although he was seemingly portrayed as a kind of slacker or someone who didn’t want to do work, considering the flashback where he knocked Allen out so he didn’t’ have to go to the Order, he seems like a pretty tame guy but there’s just something about him that makes him seem so much more important. I want at least some closure on that if not for much more screen time and advancement.

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