Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 04

While trying to come up with ideas for the School Festival, Mei volunteers to help make a promo video, causing old tragic memories to resurface.


This show continues to surprise me. It is by far the best series this season, and is already nearing the top of my list of favorites in general. It’s hard to describe really, but this show just seems to work. Its too just a relaxing enjoyable show, its characters are interesting and they have depth, plus there are several times were the mood changes to rather serious and dark, but at the same time not completely changing the setting. It’s really amazing how well they’ve balanced it out. The show is filled with so many small things that make it hilarious such as Manabi running, tripping, and Momo saying she died. That and Mika thinking that little people appeared and helped make the video. However unlike some shows, that’s not the only thing this is about. It has some serious issues regarding the character, and not only are they all interesting in their own way, the way they act together and delve into the problems is really entertaining and fun to watch. I know someone commented about how this episode shows that they aren’t really lolis. That apparently they are in high school, but that doesn’t really matter I don’t think. I’m as big of a lolicon as the next guy, likely bigger, but that’s not the ONLY thing that this show appeals to. The characters are still cute while keeping an aria of intelligence that makes the show able to do more things then if they actually were younger.

They gave Mei a HUGE character development piece in this episode, and I was very surprised. Although I’ve been saying that this show is more then just the escapades of the five girls, I wasn’t expecting any kind of character development to this degree to happen, at least not so soon. Mei had such a tragic past that basically caused her to break down and go all Kaede (I love how her name ha become a verb) She has always seemed like an interesting character, and as cliché as she may be in some aspects the loner type character usually do indeed have a good reason why they are such, and I’m glad they elaborated on it. I still think Momo remains my favorite character, I just think she looks absolutely cute and her personality and the things she says are great. However Mei so far is defiantly the most complex one. Then again that may be because she’s the only one who got an episode focused on her, but even before that she seemed to have the most promise. I just hope the give my Momo some more screen time.

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