D. Gray-Man – 18

When Lenalee goes out with Russell from the Order, Komui gets suspicious and tries to follow the two of them.


Egh. There seems to be about three different kinds of episodes for this series. Episodes that focus on a deep overall plot such as focusing on Noah’s family or Akuma fights in which something is revealed about so and so’s past or the ultimate situation of the world. Another one which the last two episodes were, small individual arcs about individual Innocence pieces and/or certain Akuma terrorizing places. And then…these. This seems to be under the same category as the other appearance of the giant robot, which was one of the not so good episodes either. Although, this episode was a bit better then the other one with the giant robot. Not such much in execution but just the content of it made it a bit more enjoyable to watch. It was still nothing more then a fluff episode, but at least it was somewhat entertaining.

I don’t care about whoever’s comment saying that guys just have a thing for school girl uniforms. Didn’t really have anything necessarily to do with the outfit, but Lenalee was pretty hot in this episode, which she is in most episodes. That honestly was probably the most redeeming part of this episode, even though it was pretty much dribble, it had a lot of Lenalee in it, which almost makes up for everything. Like I said above though, this episode wasn’t anything special but I think not only the content was a bit more enjoyable, Lenalee is just a very cool character. Ok, yes I may kind of praise her because she’s hot but her personality is nice too, which makes this episode a bit better just because it features her. However I wouldn’t want this kind of episode to appear too many more times, even with Lenalee in them. She needs some REAL advancement.

2 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 18”

  1. Well, this was basically a filler, which explains the lack of plot advancement. Komui just irritated me with his lack of rationality. The best parts for me was the poor akuma who kept trying, but kept getting hurt thanks to Komui.

    It’ll get better beginning the next episode as they’re returning to the manga storyline.

  2. Komui makes it so much fun though. his irrationality and iresponsibility tends to get the best of him then things like this happen. then of course big brothers with their little sisters are a lot like this anways. mine is anyways

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