Sumomomo Momomo – 15

Saigo is secretly saved by a girl he was trying to protect and falls in love, so with the help of Koushi and Momoko he tries to ask her out, not knowing her dangerous past and identity.


Wow, I’m surprised by this episode. This was one of the better episodes I’ve seen just because it seemed to have a wonderful balance of side character advancement, as well as the actual plot. Not only was this episode mainly focused on Saigo, a character that is even below that of a normal side character, it also dealt with another assassin and family. Even with that, the main plot bit didn’t take away from the character development. However, they didn’t’ seem to explain her family much, which was a bit surprising. They didn’t even say exactly what family she was from, other then her family name. It’s obvious from the way she dressed that it was rabbit, but they didn’t’ say that. Nor did she even explain to them about why she was doing this all, or her history behind why she is a traitor to them. It almost seems as if there is room for her to appear again, but I doubt that. Although they did do the best job so far of combining a side character story and main plot, it did leave for the main plot aspect to be a bit under developed, but at least they are getting families out of the way. It’s nearing the end with a lot to go.

I really liked how Momoko talked for Saigo throughout most of this episode. It was pretty funny how she just did it with no problem, even better that Koushi questioned how she could know what he wanted to say. Although, along with that I thought it was really cool at the end where Saigo actually spoke. It made it a more important moment for their parting, even though the whole thing hadn’t been a big focus for the series, its just in this episode, they did a good job in making the no talking thing funny and also adding to the farewell scene. Also, the other main thing that I liked throughout this whole episode was Alice. She was extremely cute and looked pretty hot in her bunny ninja suit. Plus she has purple/blue hair which trumps green anytime. Sorry Impz, it’s true.

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