Kanon Remake – 19

Yuuichi deals with Shiori’s fate as he spends his days with Nayuki and Ayu, reflecting on the past.


This episode greatly focused on Ayu and Nayuki’s arcs, which they moved into rather nicely. Although Shiori’s arc didn’t end concretely, it wasn’t’ too much of a shock to suddenly move into Ayu and Nayuki’s arcs which are pretty much at the same time, as they both deal with the feelings each girl has for Yuuichi. They seemed to move into it slowly, even considering the big advancement Yuuichi and Ayu had with their kiss. Not to mention they threw in a bunch of stuff about Ayu and Yuichi’s past which, without spoiling anything, I can say is one of the things that makes the final arc incredible. I just hope that they show Nayuki’s feelings well, considering they’ve already given Ayu the huge lead with the kiss. Whether or not he ends up with whomever, I just hope Nayuki doesn’t fall too far behind because its much more interesting to see the two of them showing the feelings at the same time, rather then him picking Au and then Nayuki having an episode or two of jealousy and then the end.

As for Yuuichi and Ayu’s kiss. I heard multiple people saying how it was too sudden or something like that. I completely don’t understand that. I thought the kiss was perfectly placed and paced in this episode. It’s not like they just met, and even so it’s not like they had sex there on the spot, it’s just a kiss. Even so, even considering how big of a deal it signified, it was justified because not only did they have a good chemistry and relationship, they knew each other in the past. Not to mention it happened during a time where they were both reflecting upon serious emotional losses. The moment made them really feel connected as they had both experienced someone dieing in front of them, with them unable to do anything about it. The kiss didn’t’ quite happen at the same time as it did in the previous version, but it was around this time that it happened. It didn’t’ seem sudden then, and I don’t really think it seemed sudden now. Although they were fighting, their chemistry and relationship was great and it’s obvious that feelings were there, especially in the past. I think that the moment it happened was perfect considering the focus and drama about them both experiencing losses.

Now, about Shiori. It really seems pretty obvious that she’s alive. In fact, multiple times they made reference to her and her condition, so it’s not just a matter of how people are acting. Even for lack or real focus on the aftermath of her arc, there were plenty of statements that made me think 100% that she is currently alive, and would likely and most probably survive in the end. I mean, when Ayu asked if Shiori’s illness was serious Yuuichi said that she couldn’t step foot out of her room, which pretty much means that she is being hospitalized or in extreme care. Plus Kita seemed to say that her condition was getting better, according to Kaori. I was surprised at how little they actually talked about her though, seeing as how un concretely her arc ended, but it seems like she is fine and will likely survive and appear near the end of the season as spring comes about.


There’s not too much to say here. I’m really glad that they talked more about some of the stuff in the past. Not just showing the flashbacks, but including that the doll has wishes on it, and showing the tree that Ayu falls off of. Speaking of which, they also mentioned her school again, which Kita didn’t’ seem to believe. The school being in fact that tree, which was Ayu’s second wish. The main thing I’m really hoping for is just an outstanding knockout emotional screen where Ayu uses her third wish. That moment was if not first, tied for first with Shiori’s moment last series. When Ayu used her last wish to make Yuuichi forget about her, that was just outstanding. Given that Shiori’s scene, especially if she’s alive, wasn’t nearly as emotional as it was in the old series, that would leave that moment to be by far the most emotional one, and with KyoAni doing it it will be even better.

One thought on “Kanon Remake – 19”

  1. Well, the chemistry didn’t work out for me in U1′s perspective. I can see is from Ayu’s perspective, not U1′s. The build ups of Ayu’s feelings was obvious enough. Hints of Ayu’s feelings towards U1 throughout the series? Yes. But U1’s feeling towards Ayu? Nope, at least I haven’t seen any until now, it just awkward, of which gets even worse in the next episode.
    Even tho I believe he has feelings for her since 7 years ago, it is apparent enough even for a dumber, that he lost this feeling after the “death” of Ayu. He should at least show signs of regaining this same feeling he had all the way back 7 years ago.
    Therefore me think by having U1 begin his feeling towards Ayu earlier, or at least vaguely express that he has a thing for her, which is quite ez to do during the transitions, this abruptness can be cleaned out.
    Otherwise, marvelous use of cinematography at the kiss scene. The metaphor of the frozen time, the world around them, their final outburst of feelings towards each other, as well as the pain they both experienced, contained in a single drop of tear, zooming out to their kiss, then the reflection of sunset on the mirror wall. It shows not only romance, but also sorrow and comfort. An epic wonder. Perhaps very common in movies, but this is a TV animation we r talking about.

    >> so it’s not like they had sex there on the spot
    LOL @ that, in fact in the erogame sequence, they did it right on the same night. So the anime itself is, yea, in fact much more reasonable XD
    >> The main thing I’m really hoping for is just an outstanding knockout emotional screen where Ayu uses her third wish.
    Add me on the list of ppl looking forward to this =)

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