Shuffle Memories – 05

The first Sia episode, dealing with Sia handling the rumors of a marriage between her and Rin.


Well again, this episode didn’t’ really seem to offer anything new, but it did what it was supposed to do, rather well I thought. Sia is such a charming character, which they showed rather well I thought. Sia was one of the fore runners in my list of favorites, probably number third, below Primula and Asa. She just seems to have a kind of charm; she is rather childlike in some ways but not really one of those lolis in a non loli body. It was more that she is just a very playful and easy going character. I thought it would be a bit hard for them to show that, given that they didn’t have time to show everything, but they showed it well. The thing about Sia that I like is even though she is a very playful character that just has a lot of charm to her, she can be serious and show that she cares and has deeper feelings then just a carefree person.

I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t at least show Sia being troubled with seeing someone talking back to her in the mirror. I had guessed that they are saving actually talking about Sia’s other half in her next episode, whenever it will be, but from what I remember they seemed to drag that out a bit, showing and hinting at her seeing someone in the mirror or talking to herself. They could have put that in somewhere to add a bit more mystery about her character, but as it stood now with only seeing this episode it left for Sia to be rather under developed. The other girls got a bit of drama showing in tier first episode, such as Asa and the history of her fighting with her mom, Kaede’s huge back-story, and so on. I just hope they deliver it well in her next episode.

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