Hidamari Sketch – 01

Yuno a girl at art school, has to struggle to complete her homework on time, and just goes though a typical day with her friends.


I’m pleasantly surprised by this show. I wasn’t really expecting this to be anything like this. I thought that it would be a bit more random comedy, and les s slice of life, but I like the way it turned out. Although as a first episode it did seem to be a bit boring, overall it seemed to have a nice feel to it. Although no real actions or problems they had to overcome except running home to do her homework, it was rather tame but it also seemed to set the mood of this series. Its very slice of life of it to be rather relaxing. I don’t expect them to all try to do some huge feat, even in the realms of reality and no supernatural stuff, it seems like it will be a tame relaxing show dealing with the four girls during normal every day life things, which is what slice of life is about. It’s hard to judge now, but it seems to be promising for its genre.

The thing I liked the most was just the chemistry that the characters had together. So far it wasn’t outrageously funny, even taking into consideration its slice of life, but the characters seemed to fit really well. Although it’s not entirely fair to compare them, the character chemistry reminded me very much of Ichigo Mashimarow. Maybe not all of the personalities per say, but just the way that they acted to together in friendship, it was very nice to see as Ichigo Mashimarow did a good job at that as well. I just hope there’s a bit more character development. The girls are older then other shows, like Ichigo Mashimarow, so alongside them just hanging out together and having there personalities clash, it would be nice to see a bit more depth to them as well.

The teacher so far is my favorite character. She reminds me a lot of the teacher from Mahoraba. First off just their looks, the hair is pretty much the same, and the fact that they are both art teachers. Although we’ve yet to see the kind of scary aspect that the Mahoraba teacher had, this one seems to have her own charm. She seems a bit childlike in how she was ranting to her students that she wasn’t too old for some things. I loved how calm she was when she flat out told Yuno she wouldn’t accept a late assignment, so she’s got a bit of Mahoraba’s teacher’s aspect. Anyways, with her cosplay fetish and personality she is likely to be a continually interesting character.

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  1. The animation isn’t bad, some of the scenes have rather chibi or odd forms of the characters but unlike some shows that tried to use things like that, it really works out well and helps with the scene. Nothing knockout in terms of animation, but not really bad enough to affect the quality.

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