Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 05

While recuperating, Kaon is sent by Mika with new powers to kidnap Kuu again, where Kuu learns the truth about her latent abilities.


Wow, that was awesome. I had always thought that Kuu was something special but I hadn’t exactly though she was an Absolute Angel. I had thought that maybe she was a human with the power to bring them together or something, I knew she was important and had some power, likely related to the Absolute Angels but I figured it was something else. Her actually being an Absolute Angel is just awesome. Not only is it cool just because Kuu has powers now and there will be a thing where her powers eventually rise above others, going form cute girl and such, but the real thing that this brings to the story is the dilemma of Kyoshiro’s views. Kyoshiro was pretty adamant about destroying all the absolute angels. I felt sorry for Setsuna, she seemed so devoted yet could never really be with Kyoshiro, now Kuu is an Angel too and there will be a question whether his brother really wanted all of them to die. That dilemma with Setsuna was big enough, adding Kuu into it makes it even more interesting.

I was also pretty damn surprised that Mika was Kyoshiro’s sister. It was one thing, and surprising at that, that Batraz’s ally or whatever he would be called was Kyoshiro’s brother but I never guessed that the other ruler or commander of an absolute angel was related to him. It makes me wonder if the 5th Absolute Angel we haven’t met yet also is led by a relative of Kyoshiro’s. Kyoshiro did say after all that there were four Angels, and that wasn’t including Kuu. Although it’s possible that the fourth one is just by herself, it would be interesting if it was a whole family squabble thing, but would also be a bit odd and they would have to explain it a bit. Either way it will be interesting to see what effect the family relationship thing has on them being enemies, if it will be as easy for them to kill or fight each other.

I still think the story about Kaon is really interesting as well. She went from being a seemingly nice and good person to brainwashed to be cruel. However I wonder how long the brainwash is, hopefully it’s not permanent. There is a lot of potential for an interesting story just from her situation and her relationship with Himeko. If she isn’t killed off she is one I could see being left alive because she is a good person or something, if they deal with the brainwash thing.

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