Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 06

The student council heads out to their annual ski trip, while Mamoru worries about Ayako suddenly spending much less time with him.


This episode was a bit deeper in the plot aspect of things. The silver haired girl brought about some interesting things, first of which is the whole past Ayako has with her brother and some huge fight. That’s got to come up later and could possibly be one of the big climaxes. It also just brought forth the idea that there is a fairly, or can be, a more dark and serious story to this show. Although that hasn’t taken over yet, focus still seems to be rather peaceful; the girl’s appearance certainly made that possibility more…possible, or makes it easier to change directions this is going.

Although not a huge part of this episode, it was interesting that along with the Silver haired girl there was not only some more focus and building up to something serious with Ayako, but Mamoru as well. They hadn’t really explained it before but Mamoru has some powers, I’m still not sure what though. Either he has Beatrice powers like Ayako, or it’s something completely different’ I remember them explaining it like he could use the Beatrice inside of other people so him as a pair with Ayako would be dynamite. Anyways, they seemed to hint at something up even more with the girl being surprised that Mamoru noticed her, making it interesting that a supposed rival or enemy (she did say she wanted to kind of defeat Ayako) knows about Mamoru more then he likely does.

I really liked that they dealt with the relationship aspect of Ayako and Mamoru a bit more, however this episode makes me want to see the next episode rather anxiously because the main relationship bit this episode had seemed to be Ayako’s sudden loss of interest, which is likely explained in the next episode so there will be some resolution there, perhaps leading to further advancement. It’s probably a matter of her being tired and sleeping because of working on something for Mamoru, I don’t see why she would have to work a job for money for him, so I’m a bit interested in the explanation. Moreover though I’m interested in how whatever that reason is or outcome will affect them in the long run. Because honestly despite all this Beatrice stuff this show is one of my favorites purely for the relationship and how wonderfully they are portraying it an even pacing it. I’d watch if there were no Beatrice powers or plot like that and it was just centered on Ayako being normal but still a feared idol type and so on.

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  1. I really loved this episode!

    My favorite part is how Emelenzia (the silver haired girl) approached to Mamoru by greeting him (not mentioning her name, but it did mentioned his name which was very surprising for Mamoru) grabbing his hand and asking him “How did you get to stir-fry* that Beatrice Witch’s heart?”

    [*She mistakenly said the word “Itameta” – to stir-fry. She should’ve said the word “Itometa” – to win over; to make something one’s own. Hence the real question, “How did you get to win over that Beatrice Witch’s heart?”]

    With a deep but soft serious stare, she is asking him nice and slow, even she suggests to go somewhere away from Ayako to be alone with him. Mamoru says before answering her question, he says that she is in the men’s bathroom. Her face turned red and runs out screaming and almost bumps into a man and out of the restroom, leaving Mamoru asking “What was that about?”. That was funny, it started serious and ended in a funny situation. XD

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