Tona-Gura! – 11

Everyone heads out to watch the fireworks display while Yuuji is still wondering who it was that Kazuki liked when she was young.


This episode was much better then the previous episodes. Although still nothing groundbreaking, it was a really nice episode to lift out of the path it had been on with rather meaningless fanservice and silly moments. Although that’s still there, there also seemed to be a lot more serious focus in this episode on the relationship between Kazuki and Yuuji. Previously this show had just been going in circles it seemed, but this episode showed that because of some intervention in Yuuji learning that Kazuki apparently doesn’t like being groped, there seems to be a bit more hope. Although that’s not he only thing, a rather odd revelations actually, there was more because they got more into the focus of Yuuji trying to find out who Kazuki liked, still seemingly not knowing it was him even though the teacher gave some pretty big dam hints. At least Yuuji found out it’s not the teacher so that eliminates him as a rival role, allowing for more progression between him and Kazuki.

I liked the teacher a lot more in this episode. Earlier I said that he was an ok character to have for a bit but then should have gone away, however I’m glad he was here because he didn’t turn out to be a needless roadblock like he was before. Although he was involved in some misunderstandings it’s because of his observations and interventions that it seems like there is hope for a relationship between Kazuki and Yuuji. I just hated him in the last episode because he did more wrong things then Yuuji yet got praised for them and just seemed to make things ridiculous, however in this episode he helped out the story quite a bit. I think the girl he likes is most likely Hatsune, as the ages would fit more then say Kazuki or Chihaya or some thing like that. He doesn’t seem like that much of a lolicon for it to be Marie or something, so since Yuuji reacted like he knew her, it’s likely her. Maybe we’ll see a quick moment of them together, but with one episode left it’s not like its any focus, which is fine.

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