Pumpkin Scissors – 17

Orland and Machs head after Hans and Mione, while Alice is left to fight off Claymore One on her own.


Wow, this episode was absolutely amazing. It definitely didn’t disappoint the last episode, which was also just spectacular. Although it seems like after this they will get more into the fluff, I was absolutely blown away by the ending plot about 908. It was tragic, exciting and interesting, and led to a lot more paths and doors to further and deeper plot. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this episode. One of the most surprising and interesting things was when Mione was shot. It seemed like the soldiers were surprised it happened, like they hadn’t planned on it but they didn’t seem to have that big of a problem. The shooter said the thing that members of the Silver Wheel said, which leads to the conclusion that the Silver Wheel which is obviously an evil organization of some sort, is already infiltrated into some of the higher ranks of the army. I’m really curious to see how deep it is, and wouldn’t be surprised if Alice’s fiancée was with the guy because it’s expanding into the Nobel families. Overall it was a great end to the arc, Hans was an interesting enough enemy and they did a good job at making him not completely pure evil, making his situation understandable and pitiful in a way.

I thought that he whole 908 suit thing was just a great addition to the story. They could have easily not included anything about that, making Hans seem much more evil and just like another enemy but by adding in the information about how he was burning his own body and couldn’t feel it, that the liquid caused him to feel more warmth made him more sympathetic. Especially the fact that he can’t take the suit off without dieing, it make me almost feel sorry for him, making his character more interesting, more then just an ordinary enemy that was pure evil. It also, again, makes the whole Invisible 9 project a bit more evil, showing that this technology wasn’t really for the benefit of the soldiers using it, in fact it was harmful to them, but more to the point it was just a tool for the big evil army organization using and creating them.

I’m surprised at how much depth there is in the whole sewers and drug problem. It seemed like it was just a one episode thing, dealing with the poor people there and then it shifted to Mione, but it seems like tits much more important then previously shown, because they even referred to the sewers as another imperial city with the size and population it had, not to mention it seems, much to the objection of Alice and Hunks likely, that the army and government are planning on running their own drug traffic to get more money now that they have information on who the dugs were sold to. It stems a lot more in corruption and conspiracy in the army, making it a much bigger issue.

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