Venus Versus Virus – 03

Sumire and Lucia investigate a boy who has locked himself in his room, per request of his twin sister who is worried about him.


Wow, this episode surprised me. Not so much the content of it, I figured out pretty early that the girl was the virus and all; however I was surprised at how dark it was. They didn’t just deal with someone becoming a virus, but from my understanding she was basically alive while the virus was in her. She had a little bit control over her actions, as she tried to stop herself when the virus went after You. So not only did they kill the virus, but they basically also killed the little girl at the same time, that’s what shocked me. It didn’t just kill the virus, laving her intact, both of them went permanently which is something I didn’t expect. It adds a whole new depth to this show, which previously it seemed like this show would not contain. I thought it was just going to be fighting various monsters and then dealing with Lucia and Sumire’s powers, I never thought it would be so serious that the viruses actually kill people and cause for Sumire and Lucia to have to kill a normal person to get a virus.

It was also interesting just to see that the virus was inside someone, yet they still had control. Before the viruses were basically just there, even the first episode when the virus was in a girl, the girl didn’t also have control over herself. It was one of the other, but this makes things more interesting and a bit complex. With how things have gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucia or Sumire dies in the end because of something like a virus getting into one of them or perhaps Sumire will kill Lucia or something. They were always possibilities, just not that likely because they were a bit too dark and deep, but this show has surprised me with what it’s willing to do.

Aside from the dark plot this episode had, I rally enjoyed the end when Sumire was reflecting on Lucia, wondering if she is rally a cold person. I thought it was cool that they showed that she did indeed care, but was just doing what was best. I’m also a bit more intrigued about the guy who Sumire keeps meeting. They included him a lot but didn’t explain much, she supposedly just met him and now became friends, and she obviously has a crush on him which will upset those wanting some yuri action between Sumire and Lucia, which would be interesting to see but so far there hasn’t been any hint at that development except from the OP.

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