Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 04

Kuu tries to treat Kyoshiro after they wake up from their fall and Kyoshiro is hurt and unconscious.


This show is getting more interesting. Although at first it seemed to have an appeal that was just for its randomness, random narrations saying when the character was taking a bath, and stating the obvious in what is supposedly a letter she is writing in real time. Anyways, despite its weirdness and random scenes, this show does have some more qualities that make it an interesting watch. However, it still keeps what made it so appealing from the beginning. I thought it was so funny when Kuu ripped her skirt to make bandages when she was wearing long sleeves, and the fact that she is narrating things like she is writing the letter constantly. “Oh, he woke up. I’m sitting beside him now”

Getting past the weird parts, this episode had some huge plot development, not just in character revelations and personality advancement, but it had a lot of just underline plot and history setting. The first big thing was the flashback on Kyoshiro’s past. They had already hinted and pretty much established that Kuu’s prince was his brother, but they not only explained why the world is kind of post apocalyptic, but a little bit more what the Absolute Angels were, which was great because until now they were almost acting like we already knew. I was stunned to find out that the large guy who was with Batraz was his brother; it seemed kind of sudden but made their fights more interesting.

The most appealing thing about this show right now is that I’m not sure what is good or bad. Apparently Kysohiro seems vehemently against Absolute Angels, even though he has Setsuna fighting for him it’s likely some thing where he is using her to kill the others and then going to have her kill herself. He acts like they are so terrible, yet Setsuna seems fine and Kaon seemed pretty non evil until whatever brainwash they did on her. Kuu seems a bit against him killing off all of them, which I’m inclined to agree with. It seems like it will come down to what his brother really meant by the words he said, perhaps Kysohiro will realize that its ok to let them live, at least two of the four seem to be nice, or one of them used to. No idea about the fourth one too. Either way, it makes things really interesting as to what is good and what is the right thing to do regarding the Absolute Angels.

I’m still confused as to who or what the hell Kuu is. Kyoshiro’s brother called her the one, and she had some glowing thing on her chest so she is obviously special or Kyoshiro wouldn’t be dragging her needlessly around with him. She doesn’t seem like she could be an Absolute Angel because Kysohiro seemed to know there were a set number of them, and Kuu seems to be a regular human, which the Absolute Angels are not.

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