.hack//G.U. Vol. 2 Slated for Summer Release

As some people have been questioning in some other of my .hack posts, such as this one, although an official release date hasn’t been anounced Bandai has said however that it will be a summer release, making the previously thought of release date of Feb. 20  untrue. This infromation coming from Namco Bandai’s blog: http://dothackgu.1up.com/

Summer seems pretty damn far away, taking way longer for Vol. 2 to come out then it did for Vol. 1. I just hope we won’t end up having to wait another year for Vol. 3. In any case its good to have some news about the release. All this information redirected from news post at http://www.dothackers.net

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  1. awww…. man that is really bad. but good! now i know that i have a litlle hope! really,where can i buy it at summer?japan, america,or little country like Indonesia?

    please launch it now! i want it!!!!!

    when you launch it?where you will sell it? can you launch it now? can you sell it in the little country like indonesia,too? please? thanks

  2. Aw, man…Sorry for the false info, but it seems like I’m wrong. Hoping for a March release, here…Oh well.

  3. Yeah me too, seems like this info isn’t official either though, so there’s still hope. A March release would make more sense time wise, but the lack of concrete date as of now makes me think it could be later too

  4. I’m thinking its going to come out late spring. If you compare the japenese release dates its around 6 months each one that comes out. Patience is all we realy need now.

  5. Man, I want this NOW, but if it’s going to pop up in Summer or so, then why show gameplay to us NOW? Like 6 months BEFORE summer …Anyways, I hope it comes out this month

  6. Summer isn’t in 6 months, it could easily be as early as June which is only about three months away. I was really hoping for a March release too but with many stores like Gamestop not even having it listed in their pre order directory, I doubt that it will come out this month.

  7. lol, its already past the 15th. No way its coming out then. The only release date given from Namco Bandai, the company making the game, is the summer. 1up isn’t official so I usually don’t trust their dates, especially since its already proven to be false.

  8. They have previews in the videogame magazines for it and also shonen jump magazine saying coming soon. Well it looks like in either a month, two months

  9. Hey, what do you think vol.3 will be called in North America?

    ..got this whole “R” thing goin on. lol

    I’m thinkin “Redemption”, based on what i read for vol. 3’s story. I would do that highlight thing, but, i dont know how to do that. lol

  10. I’m not sure about that, the tittle that is. I didn’t expect them to follow an “R” theme, the Japanese didn’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the NA version did. Redemption sounds feesable but I really don’t have that much of a guess

    As for the release date, I hope so too. GameStop is usually pretty accurate with their listings. Their first and only release date for Vol. 1 was right on so we’ll see.

  11. I’m so pumped about vol.2, as for vol.3’s title, i would do [spoiler] text [/spoiler] right?

  12. sorry, my friend was being a prick 2 seconds ago and told me that’s how you do that spoiler thing. Again sorry :(

    Any way, you guys have heard about .hack//ROOTS right? Do any of you know if thats on any t.v. channel? thanks in advance.

  13. Nah, thats how you do the spoiler tag but I don’t have it installed on my site, so its not anything you’re doing wrong.

    Anyways, I watched Roots when it was airing in Japan, so I just downloaded the subbed version. You can read my posts on them under the .hack//Roots category.

  14. So, May 8th, eh? I’m so hyped for vol.2, and regarding cartoon network…
    I have Bell satellite and don’t think I have cartoon network, so do u guys know anything else, or what sattelite channel cartoon network is on. Thanx in advance.

  15. Hey, is May 8th ONLY for those who pre-order the game, or can you go out and buy it in stores, and also

    * The first episode of .hack//Roots, unedited, is included in the American release

    Is that, too, also just for the pre-order, i must know ASAP

    thanks in advance

  16. It should be for everyone, and I don’t know about the Roots episode but honestly don’t really care because I’ve seen the Japanese version and would die before I heard it dubbed.

  17. I’m actually a little curious about that, the episode that is. Isn’t the first episode just what happens at the beggining of G.U. vol.1? If so, then it would really be pointless if you ask me.

    side note: what exactly do you mean by “would die before I heard it dubbed’?

  18. Well its a little bit more then that such as going a bit more in depth to characters like Shino and Tabby, as well as showing TaN, but Roots isn’t pointless so the point in giving the episode with the game is to get people into Roots who dont know about it already, as it helps the story of G.U.

    And I menat what I said, I would rather die then hear Roots in English voices, dubbed. As a I first watched the series subtitled with Japanese Audio.

  19. Ah, i see.

    However, what if they used the game’s voice actors, (probably not but you never know..)?

    Tueday… God i’m getting anxious

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