Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 02

Manabi tries to clean up the student council room with help from whomever she can get in preparation for a visit from the Student President of a sister school.


Amazing. This show is just great. I don’t care about some of the facial animations and expressions being weird, or that the characters are “fat” as some people have said. The show is just plan cute and enjoyable. I love their weird facial expressions as it seems that everything the characters in the show do just add to there personality and the situation. People have to stop looking at shows as needing to be something groundbreaking. This show does what it’s supposed to which is being incredibly cute and just fun to watch. There doesn’t have to be a reason or certain things it needs, I found myself smiling throughout most of this episode which is good enough to make any show good.

Mei was certainly interesting in this episode, as it seemed to include her throughout. She is a loner but there is the whole wanting to be friend with people but being shy so she distances herself. Given the situation though I think this can turn out really interesting, as I really want to see how she is involved more in the Student Council and things Manabi does. Momo, however, is still the most promising character I think and at lest my favorite thus far. She is so incredibly cute and just does things on her own, not really minding others, not even thinking that doing so and being so independent is odd. I really want to see the both of them, including the other girl who looks like a guy to actually join the student council. As of now they are just helping out but I think it will be much more interesting if they join and are forced to do certain things, making their inclusion all the more interesting and prominent.

One thing that I kind of realized in this episode was that Manabi very much resembles Suzumiya Haruhi, the character that is. She’s very eccentric and ready to try outlandish things, forces people to do stuff in a way, and doesn’t give up on outlandish weird ideas. No, not perfect match but they are pretty similar. However this show has even more connections to some of my favorite anime, as Mei resembles Natsuki so much its kind of weird. First they both have long black hair, but asides from physical appearances both characters are very smart and try to be a loner, despite what they may both want which is to be with others and have friends, Mei still seems like she doesn’t want to associate herself with them because of her continual denial of wanting to help. Nothing too important, just two similarities I thought id get out there.

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