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With G.U. Vol. 3 out and Vol. 2 so close to release in the US I wanted to go over again my policy for commenting spoilers, as  there have been a lot of discussion on it recently. I’ts fine for comments discussiong the games. Just try and keep anything pertaining to Vol. 2 in the latest post in the Vol. 2 category, and same for Vol. 3.

Now, as for spoilers. I don’t really mind spoilers for Vol. 2. I wouldn’t go crazy if you were to tell me absolutely everything that happened but try not to. If there’s no reason to, don’t just mindlessly spurt out a script because others may not want to know it. HOWEVER I will accept absolutely no spoilers for Vol. 3. This means anyone who has played Vol. 3, watched the videos somewhere, read about discussions of it on boards, anyone who knows for a FACT what happens in Vol. 3. It is taking every ounce of willpower I have not to spoil it for myself so I’d appreciate no spoilers. One of the comments made by Chan was fine, it talked about Vol. 3 but didn’t spoil anything, just said some small things about it but not how or who they happened to. Comments like that are fine, or if someone is completely theorizing it is fine too, but any suspicious comments that look like they may really spoil it will be deleted without me actually reading all of it in fear of getting spoiled.

3 thoughts on “.hack//G.U. Spoiler Policy”

  1. No spoilers, eh?

    Yowkow/Alkaid is probably one of the more popular girls, starting Vol2… along with Natsume. The producers seemed to like a lot as well. That’s all. ^_^

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