Big Computer Crash, Posts On Hold

Well, last night or so my computer crashed big time. Everything gone, I have to, and am in the middle of, having to reinstall EVERYTHING on my computer. I heven had to reinstall the OS. So, because right now I dont have the programs installed to download, watch, or blog anime episodes my posts are going to be on a small hold untill I can get those working. Even after I install the basic things my computer needs and then the programs needed for blogging, I’ll still likely want to get some more software on there before I continue. So, so everyone knows I basically lost everything on my computer so it will take me a while before I’m up and ready to go. Oh, and this post was made on a different computer, not my nomral one — don’t even have firefox installed yet.

4 thoughts on “Big Computer Crash, Posts On Hold”

  1. Computer crashes always suck. You have my sympathy. Good luck with everything and don’t tear your hair out trying to rush.

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