Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 12

Riku goes to investigate an odd rumor of a ghost late at night along with Mina and Tsukasa.


Wow, this episode was kind of a disappointment. Not only did it have a lot of wacky and silly things, which for this show aren’t the greatest, it had a bunch of supernatural stuff in it too. Before, all of the random silliness came from things that could more or less happen, but now in this episode we get a super high tech garbage thing and then a goddess that they don’t explain who actually shows that she can do real magic. It was rather pointless it seemed. This show has potential for some interesting episodes given the different girls and their situation. Although some may be clichéd personalities if they actually used their personalities and relationships they have already it could turn out good, but then they put this crap in there that makes the show really loose value.

Overall, it wasn’t THAT bad, just kind of typical of the series so far which isn’t the best, I would have really liked if they touched a bit more on Mina and Tsukasa, especially since they were both together with Riku during this episode. They still haven’t given any girl that much screen time individually, at least not that great character advancement. There was a pretty big opportunity for something there, especially because Tsukasa was acting like an actual girlfriend and Mina was showing shyness towards Riku. However it was at least good to see in this episode that at least Mina and Tsukasa were in the show for more then ten seconds.

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  1. I came into this series with high hopes, I had just finished Ichigo 100%(manga) And was hopeing to see something as good or close anyway; no luck tho. The actual story line just keeps getting mucked up by all the stupid seens I mean a series can only go so far on chickens beating up fat kids… heres to hopeing something improves before its to late!

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