Asatte no Houkou – 11

Karada tells Tetsu the truth about who she is and tries to deal with Tetsu not believing her and seeming to hate her as she suspects.


I’m very pleased with how this episode went and how they finally handled Tetsu finding out the truth. I was worried that either it would be accepted to readily or that if he didn’t believe her it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. I think they found a perfect balance, not only did it create drama from Tetsu not believing her, but Tetsu showed a bit of uneasiness later on like he didn’t completely throw out the idea. It also led to more drama about how things were going. They didn’t just leave it with Tetsu being unsure and Karada feeling defeated, it really felt as if it was emotional for Karada, someone she really cared about not believing her and maybe even hating her. Recently her state was almost made light and not a big deal, they hadn’t shown much of her not liking her new body, however here we have again her being emotional about what it did when she tired to tell Tetsu.

It’s almost hard to believe this show is so close to the end. There are still so many things going on in this show at the same time, that it hasn’t just boiled down to one conflict between tow people. There is still just as much draw and complexity to the plot in all places, which has shown not only did this show start off with a strong front, that even near the end it keeps it strength. There are still the lingering feelings that Shouko and Hiro have, and whether they will get resolved, plus Karada and Tetsu’s relationship. Not to even mention the fact that they are still in their wished bodies, so we’ll have to see if they return or not. Honestly, I think its best that they change. I would in fact very much suspect hating an ending where they stayed like they are. First off if they went back to normal it would mean a relationship for Karada and Tetsu, improving the shyness or whatever that was there before and would give Shouko and Hiro an actual chance to get back together. Right now despite their feelings I doubt we’d see an ending where they were together with such a difference as there is no in the bodies.

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  1. I think they will turn back, because this is a story about their ‘summer’ after all.
    I find Asatte no Houkou likable because it seems real. The emotions the characters go through and the way they handle it seem real. It would be a huge blow for me if they didn’t turn back, because then everything would become unreal. Like, what would happen to their lives if they didn’t turn back? Wouldn’t Shouko become a wonder child? And what would Karada think when she matures a bit more and realises she lost a dozen years of her life? That would really spoil it for me.

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