Shuffle Memories – 02

First Kaede perspective episode dealing with the past Rin and Kaede had when they were kids growing up together.


I don’t know why some people are bitching about the way they are handling this series, I absolutely love it. You can’t expect them to basically show the entire first season the same and then add two episodes with new content. For that it would have been better and easier to just make an OVA or something. I think the whole point of Shuffle Memories wasn’t those small bits of new content we are said to get. That’s’ not it at all. The whole point is to show and highlight points from the previous series that were landmark moments. TO show the interesting things that defined the show. It’s almost for certain that when we get to the Sia episodes it will deal with her twin’s consciousness being in her, or Nerine’s past regarding her sister. I think it’s interesting to watch. Although for some cases watching the remake without the first one is better, well people say that I don’t agree; there is no question that this series would not be anywhere near as enjoyable if you hadn’t seen the first series. Shuffle Memories is supposed to isolate and focus on the interesting things we’ve already seen, without the build up material they wouldn’t be as interesting so all in all this show really is for fans of the previous series, not newcomers.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the Kaede episodes. I heard each girl will get two so the next and final Kaede episode has got to be when she goes psycho again. Although Kaede wasn’t my favorite character in the first series, I am a lolicon after all and Asa was a close second. Kaede’s arc has always been my favorite however. Not because of whom they involve but just the story and feelings behind it are amazing. Kaede thinking she has to devote her life to Rin, Rin trying not to make her do this, it’s very interesting. I can’t wait till the next episode and see, again, her response to Rin trying even more to improve Kaede’s life by moving out. Although, I am intrigued by that because Kaede goes psycho once she sees Rin together with Asa so if they do indeed show another Kaede episode, or any Asa episodes then it won’t leave room for a new ending. Either that or it will have to show what the old one ended like and then add a new one.

I thought the specialized OP for Kaede was amazingly cool. I thought it was awesome how they didn’t just use scenes from the previous Shuffle and just make it some Kaede scene collection. They showed things like her being jealous and those alone shots. There was also a shot of her kissing Rin which never happened in the previous series. However the brief scene where she kissed him is taken directly from the game. The people who were there to see it, the setting, it was the same as one of the screens for the Kaede path which I thought was just an amazingly cool thing they did. They didn’t have to make the OP specialized but it really added a lot.

Here’s the OP and Game CG Comparison:

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