Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 01

Manabi, a strange eccentric girl transfers to a new school where she tries to immediately run for Student Council President due to the collapse of student interesting in school.


O…M…F…G… Ok, I admit I’m a bit a huge lolicon. Which made this episode all the more threatening to my life. This show was absolutely amazing. Although so far there hasn’t been any HUGE actual plot or hints that there may be something deeper, that doesn’t seem like something this show will ever be about. In almost every aspect of this episode and show so far, it was just outrageously cute. The characters, the actions and things that they did, and the personalities were just so great. I have already fallen madly in love with this show, not JUST because of the lolicon aspects and appeal it has, but Justin general this show seems like it will be just a blast to watch. Nothing deep, nothing provocative but cute and interesting to watch. It reminds me a lot of Ichigo Mashimaro except that this will be more about school and a bit more about how an individual, Manabi, does things that affects the others.

So far I’m really not sure who will be my favorite character. This episode really was a pretty big introduction in terms that we didn’t get a feel for what the characters, all of them, will be like. Although Manabi is certainly interesting, there is no doubt that I will like her just because of what I can see her ding that will be strange and odd to the other girls. However there are a lot of other promising characters. Momo seems interesting, the girl with the camera. Ok, seriously I must have some subconscious camera girl complex because in almost every show they are my favorite character. She seems kind of interesting eve though we haven’t seen that much of her. Kei also seems like fun, a fairly typical loner character but she seems to have “friends” and so she’ll be dragged into everything with will be fun to watch. All in all, all the characters seem very interesting and I just know I’ll enjoy seeing the future episodes.

2 thoughts on “Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight – 01”

  1. well i’m also like a little girls characters too, but this show made me feel no passion about very cute characters before impressed with story first.
    I can call it a best anime on this new year untill there are more FUN anime in the rest of this year : P
    (Kanon may be the greatest drama anime in this year but Manabi is the funnyest of the year)

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