Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! – 05

Mamoru tires to find a way to help Ayako get through her cold which is caused by her Beatrice powers acting up inside her.


Well, it’s become apparent that Mamoru and Ayako’s first kiss will absolutely have to be on the beach under the sunset. Not only have they stressed that’s what Ayako wants several times over and over again, but they had the perfect chance for a different kiss in this episode, but they didn’t take it. Although I’m slightly disappointed they didn’t kiss, its not like I think they should have I’m just looking forward to when they do even more now. The pace their relationship is taking, so far, has been great. Even without a kiss in this episode they have been moving along great, one of the best examples in a series I have seen. They are together technically which takes most shows a whole series; however they aren’t together to the point where they are making out every second or going out on regular dates like in some Shoujo. It has a great balance and even if this show had no focus on the supernatural stuff like the Beatrice it would be a great show.

I still hope that they will show some of the School Festival. They put such a heavy focus on Ayako not wanting to miss out on the festival, wanting to have time with Mamoru. Although the play which is during the School Festival is over, I hope they will still show the two of them doing all the normal activities together. Although it is a kind of clichéd anime, the relationship and the characters will make it interesting none the less. It could easily prove to be a very touching couple of scenes with the two of them.

The silver haired girl at the end has me excited a bit. I was wondering when we were going to see her, as I’ve heard her referenced by some people who have seen more into the show and she is in the OP. I have no idea who she is but her appearance and how she talked about Ayako and her powers like she knew her seems to point to a bit more focus on the Beatrice aspect of the story. Lately, they have hardly touched on it; they have just been busy with Ayako and Mamoru’s relationship, which is great. Now it seems with her appearance we will get a bit more Beatrice focus. It’s fine with me as long as they don’t take away from the other stuff because of that.

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