D. Gray-Man – 15

Kanda and Lavi go in search of the innocence while Allen stays behind to look after the father and daughter who have wound up traveling with them.


I was a little bit disappointed with this episode. The other episode that started this small mission arc had the potential for something interesting, Kanda which hasn’t been seen much, Lavi who we’re just getting to know, plus the appearance of a new member of Noah’s family. However the promising fight scene was hardly anything. Kanda did crap; he just did that finger wipe thing on his blade and didn’t show any cool techniques. He’s got to have some more things he can do with that sword, after all, the bug thing is “First Illusion” so perhaps there are more illusions. Lavi’s fight was ok because he used a seal thing which they didn’t show which is kind of cool, but overall the fight was over pretty quick and not that interesting. They also completely crapped over any possibility of the Noah’s family thing. He might as well not even have been in that scene because he didn’t do anything.

Despite this episode being fairly average and a tad boring, I did like Kanda having an appearance. From the preview it seems like he will be featured even more then he was here, which is good because he seems like a cool character, his attitude is interesting to watch and he has potential for cool fight scenes that we just haven’t seen yet. I just desperately hope that they show him use some kind of technique from that sword or they will be wasting the potential his character has. And while I’m talking about techniques, I’m glad they showed Lavi having some other use for the hammer then just bashing things, the twelve seals seem cool and it will be interesting to see what the other ones do and what all they can do, perhaps combine them which would be cool but perhaps not. It will be fine if they just show him using different ones in different situations, it’s Kanda they need to start showing some skills soon.

Although the new ED was last episode, watching it here really made me want to see more about the “Generals” mentioned before. Someone had said how General Cross, Allen’s teacher, was one of the generals. The OP shows what are apparently the other generals as they all have similar gold inlaid exorcist cots. I want to know what happened to General Cross and what the deal with the other Generals are. They haven’t really addressed it much but it’s something that has the potential to be interesting.

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