Sumomomo Momomo – 13

Koushi encounters a new teacher that has taken a particular interest in him, much to the suspicion of Sanae.


I really liked this episode. Not only was it interesting to see another family member it showed actual conflict with the eastern branch. Previously they had almost set it up so that it was impossible for conflict from the members of the eastern branches. Only the western branches were the assassins and that’s all he had to deal with. However although not evil in the sense they are trying to kill Koushi, this showed that there are motives for the other families from the eastern branches to conflict with the story, which could prove for some very interesting encounters. Already at the end of the episode they showed four women who said how they have to marry Koushi to get to the top of the twelve families, which likely means they are all from the eastern branch. Not to mention several from the western branch that haven’t been revealed yet. It looks like the makings of interesting drama and conflict have begun to start.

The new OP is interesting and I rather like it. Some of the sce3nes had me intrigued, as it showed Momoko, Iroha, and Sanae all in different outfits. Now either the outfits were just there for show or for some reason they don those costumes sometime during the series. They also included the Tiger person in more then one of the scenes which surprised me because they hadn’t even mentioned him after the two part episode he was in. Perhaps he will be involved again sometime or they just put him in there because they needed more people. The other big thing was it showed Koushi using some martial arts technique. He seemed to be reading a book while doing it which could either show he is as into books as ever of that he just uses some spell like technique instead of anything physical. Either way if Koushi indeed does start showing powers I think it will be interesting because they can still go with the whole him hating martial arts thing and only use it when he has to.

3 thoughts on “Sumomomo Momomo – 13”

  1. LOL. At first every one wanted to kill Koushi, and now every woman from the other clans want to marry him.

  2. If it were up to me, I’d go for Nopperabou Mask, she looks the LEAST ridiculous out of the others. Plus she actually HAS a concealed identity.

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