Kanon Remake – 15

Yuuichi helps Mai stand up to the last of the demons in the school, leading to Yuuichi learning the truth about Mai and the demons.


This episode was just mind blowing. KyoAni truly are absolutely amazing. Even knowing what already happened by watching the previous series multiple times, this episode still made my eyes widen throughout the whole thing and I was on the edge of my seat. It’s like its repeating events I remember but in a new and more interesting way. Not only is the event and plot itself interesting but it’s really cool to see events and things you remember happen in different ways. Its lie you know the what but not the how and why.

As for this episode itself, it was very emotional. The first thing that surprised me was how sad it was when they showed Mai’s past, even though in the end nothing bad happened. I almost cried when Mai made the “zoo” out of snow rabbits for her mom. That was so incredibly touching I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t really in the other series but that’s not what got me, it’s just how well they did it. Sure the flashback explained Mai’s powers but I liked it much more for the emotional aspect it had in adding to the characters. All in all, Mai’s arc is still my favorite. It’s always been since the first series and I doubt they will change because KyoAni made the arc even better. I’m sure all the arcs will be better, but I’ll still always love Mai’s. Her story and character are just so entrancing. Not only is it funny to watch her but it can become serious and interesting. This arc was executed excellently from the tragic and sad moments involving Mai’s past, her feeling that she hurt others with her power, and Yuuichi and Sayuri caring so much about her when she felt she was alone. It all came together amazingly.

For those that didn’t completely understand it. Basically, Mai and Yuuichi knew each other as kids. Mai had this strange power and basically anything the believed or thought or wished for would happen. Yuuichi became her only friend and when she learned he had to go away Mai made up a lie that there were demons and needed Yuuichi to stay and protect them. Yuuichi couldn’t and Mai kept believing the lie, she wanted there to be demons so Yuuichi would stay. Since she wanted there to be demons, her powers created them.

The one thing that has me shocked is that the ending is very different from the old series. I mean, in the end there is the same resolve but it happens in a different way. Both endings make perfect sense, both endings are great but they’re just different. In the old series, Mai never stabs herself. She is about to, they go though all the explanation of Mai creating demons and Mai says thank you. She held the sword up to her but then Sayuri, who they explained is fairly better now, appears and grabs Mai, hugging her. She cries saying how she loves her and so on so Mai never actually stabs herself. Honestly I don’t know which ending I like best. On one hand this ending is a bit more shocking because she actually does stab herself. However it may be a little bit odd by her coming back because of her own power. The other ending is a bit more emotional, as Sayuri is included which not only makes her character so much more important but has the emotional thing of saying she loves her and doesn’t want her to go away. Either ending, they are both great though.


Don’t really have anything I can write here without needlessly just giving a summary of the other arcs. Next up, Shiori/Kaori.

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  1. Another mind blowing and magnificent episode from KyoAni. I sure hope that this does not mean the end of Mai’s appearance in the show, she is currently my favourite girl. I think Kanon is definitely the best anime out of the 50 or so I have seen so far.

    I think they didn’t show the blood, because otherwise it would mean that the anime might get a 12 rating or something instead of PG :P. The Sayuri getting attacked and the blood on the floor is acceptable as it does not show any violence.

  2. Danny, how the hell could she not have stabbed herself? The sword was right agaisnt herself and she plunged it towards herself. What, did she fake it and plunge it to the side? That wouldn’t make any sense and would completly cheapen the entire episode..

  3. KyoAni is more faithful to the game in the aspect of mai stabbing herself and then cutscenes to Mai and Sayuri’s graduation showing us that she didn’t die.

  4. I hated this series at first but wow KyoAni has done a wonderul job with the Mai arc, which was my least fave in the TOEI version and so far it’s my favorite from either series. I really hope they don’t change much from the TOEI Shiori arc because it’s th only one that really made me feel emotional. I just hope they don’t add too much moe comedy and cheapen the arc but right now I have high hopes that KyoAni will do a great job.

    The only thing I don’t like about the KyoAni series is Yuuichi can be a total dork at times but he makes up for it when he shows his care for the girls.

  5. I agree that KyoAni better not mess up Shiori’s arc because it was one of my favorites too. Although I always loved the Mai arc, in both versions, Shiori’s was definetely one of the more emotional.

  6. @Chris

    I will hav to disagree with that,

    First and the most well known reason is that, this is how it suppose to end in game. Mai stabbed herself and her power saves her.

    As much as I, too, favored Sayuri, and I understand Sayuri plays a major role as being Mai’s company and spiritual support, but in a whole she’s not the best person to end this never ending tragedy of Mai. My reason: the best one to end it, is the one that started it.

    Mai’s entire tragedy was caused by her power, and the trigger that caused Mai’s self-imprisonment was when Yuichi left her 10 years ago. As important and valued to Mai as Sayuri, she could not possibly convinced Mai to accpet her power, and heal that scar Mai recieved 10 years ago. It has to be Yuichi, because he was the very reason why Mai rejected her power and stayed like that for 10 years. Thus in that sense, Yuichi was the only one who can truly liberate Mai from her self-binding lie and ultimately save herself by embracing her power once again.

    I’m sure, at least in some way, that’s why the original author of this story in the game, end Mai’s arc that way. And KyoA stayed true to that origin.

    even tho KyoA didn’t reach my expectation in handling Mai’s ending, I’d still prefer it over Toei. To be honest I can never agreed to how Toei handled each girls arc. Yes I very much appreciate their emotional impact, and No I dont mind their “Chin-o-Doom”, but it really irks me how they changed the interactions and balance of each elements from the original.

    -Bloody Nightingale

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