Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – 11

After winning a swimming contest, Mina tries to thank Riku for all his help but can’t seem to get a hold of him, while Riku has the same problem trying to find her to


To be honest this episode wasn’t the greatest. I like that it focused on Mina who so far has been the most neglected out of the three girls, but this episode seemed way too heavy on the needlessly silly and outrageous stuff. We had the baseball team sweeping him up twice, the crazy science teacher, and a student council event. Now, I don’t expect this series to be completely devoid of that, as it has shown so far it’s likely we’ll see this happen again. I just seemed, however, to take away from the story of the episode. Sometimes they manage to get by pretty well without the silly things interfering but it seemed to put a real damper on things. I understand they needed reasons for Mina’s attempts to talk to Riku to fail, but they could have come up with some other things that didn’t distract from the moment.

Although the episode itself wasn’t the best, I did like the Mina focus. I’m starting to like her a bit more then Tsukasa. I still like the two of them, and want them to win, much more then Sayuri. Tsukasa has her good points, and I’m not taking points off because of how attached she seems to be. I like that she is devoted with her feelings, but Mina is too damn cute. She has a more classic dilemma of being shy, which is cute and interesting to see. The only hope for her that I see is if she gets her feelings known to Riku a bit early on and Tsukasa and him break up. It’s not like Tsukasa has feelings for him and is after him, she basically already has him so for anyone else to get him there will be some interesting drama.

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