Shuffle Memories – 01

A recap of the characters from the first Shuffle anime.


I don’t understand why people are so mad and disappointed by this episode. Sure it’s not what I or seemingly anyone expected the first episode to be like. Didn’t think they would recap all of the characters but I did come into this knowing that it was a retelling with new content, so there was bound to be some repeating things. What has me confused is people are saying how this episode like this is bad. How the hell could it not be good? By basically giving a rundown of all the characters, in pretty good detail, they get the character introductions and the setting out of the way so in the next episode they can jump into things much faster then they could otherwise. Without something like this it would easily take a good four or more episodes to get all that information in. This recap episode makes tons of room for any new content and story to add, and any possibility of an additional ending. Which to be honest, I don’t want unless he ends up with Primula which I doubt will happen, I’ll have to play the game to see that @_@

I’ve heard from some people that they dislike the OP, which kind of surprised me. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. After all it is a different series, so it wouldn’t be quite right to have the same OP as the last one did. The song may not have been the best or my most favorite OP song but I thought all of the clips were fine, nothing really seemed bad about it. I loved how they showed Primula with wings. Primula has always been, by far, my favorite Shuffle character so I thought that was kind of cool. I also really liked how right at the very end there was a shot that was from the original OP, where they showed all of the characters really quick individually.

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