Pumpkin Scissors – 14

When trying to get refugees out of the sewers, Section III uncovers a drug problem which they try to eradicate, causing them to get themselves further into a problem involving another member of the Invisible 9.


Wow, this episode was amazing. Right off the bat there was a scene which was pretty gruesome. Not just hat but there was the continuation of the main plot. Sure it started out on war relief again, a topic that isn’t going to go away. But this time they were dealing with first of all an interesting problem, but second it wasn’t just stand alone, it had to deal with the Invisible 9. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE the other episodes where it has no connection to the deeper plot. In fact the last one with the princess was really good, but I think it’s much more fitting to his show and more interesting to keep the focus on some of the darker stuff.

Not only did this episode give the introduction of a new Invisible 9 section, the Darth Vader flame throwers apparently, but they had the reappearance of the semi auto rifles which are tied to the super technology like the reloading tank. Although I’m not sure what connection exactly this has, there has to be something because the president had the rifles plus the flamethrower guy at his disposal. It seems like the Invisible 9 and the new killing technology are part of he same organization which Alice’s fiancé, the unknown guy, and the doctor are part of. The thing that has me amazed about the deep part of this series story is how many multiple things they have that are all connected in some way. There isn’t just Orland; there is him and an organization, plus the guns, plus the several people trying to expose the government’s corruption which ties into Invisible 9. If they can tie these things together without adding all the fluff crap in between this show could really become even greater.

I’m starting to wonder what is up with Alice’s “feeling” she gets. Before, I dismissed it for the most part as it really only had to do with Orland when she first met him. I had just assumed it was a feeling she got but now she seemed to get a strong dose of it when they approached the other Invisible 9 member. It’s probably nothing, at least nothing supernatural or tied to the Invisible 9 but her “spidey sense” or whatever she seems to have is kind of interesting.

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