Sumomomo Momomo – 12

When Koushi catches the flu, Hanzo who also has it gets jealous of all the attention Koushi is getting despite his similar condition.


This episode was ok; there still is a huge lack of plot though which is starting to wear this a bit thin. All the episodes are roughly weak on the plot but this one seemed a bit more useless then the others because of the minimal character development they had. I know that this show isn’t all about the plot or anything but they could start getting into the other families. Not just the ones that are trying to kill them. We’ve only seen five families so far so if there is to be any kind of climax later on I think they should start introducing a couple of them. Not necessarily having them attack right now but its better if the bad guys don’t only appear in the last couple of episodes.

Even though this episode seemingly was focused on Hanzo, I actually did like it for all of the Iroha scenes. This episode may not have been the best at any quality showing of the plot or characters, but it had Iroha so it’s fine. I still absolutely love her character, and all the scenes with her were awesome. I especially liked, for um…various reasons, the scene where she was trying to get the cold from “Koushi”. She definitely showed the other side to her tsundere nature there. I was also a bit surprised that she actually did mention how she knew she couldn’t like Koushi because he is Momoko’s, but she admitted to herself that she liked him none the less. I thought it was interesting because it shows that there is room for a more serious arc later on wither, just like there will hopefully be with Sanae.

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