Bokura ga Ita – 26 [Final]

Yano goes on a long date all day with Nana in preparation for leaving for Tokyo, causing Nana to become emotional at the thought of being without him.


Wow, I’m just dumbstruck. That’s not what I expected at all. However what has me even more confused and thrown off is what the manga version of Bokura ga Ita deals with the scene and afterwards. Thankfully the sub group that released this included the scene from the manga and what happens right after it, explaining that this scene is not the end of the manga but after it leads to a three year jump. Anyways, as for this version, this episode, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, its left fairly open but I think it would have been worse for them to have to change the manga completely to make an ending for this. I think it was a good idea to stop it and leave it open ended, wondering what is going to happen to everyone after high school, and however it did leave for some loose ends.

As far as the manga, that’s where I got thrown off. The anime leaves everything open ended. It’s up to you whether Nana and Yano get together one year later, go to the same school, and what not. However the manga doesn’t. Apparently in the manga it shows three years later and Nana says that she hasn’t seen Yano since then. She’s at college and gets a text message from Take so they are obviously still in contact with each other. That just leaves you to think that Yano went to college in Tokyo where Yuri went. Therefore just form that information which was all that was given it seems like the manga starts to point in a Yano x Yuri and Nana x Take ending. Which surprised the hell out of me. Now, it could easily do a whole Suzuka thing where they switch partners like three times for lots of weird drama, but from the looks of it that combination is much more possible

However, this is the anime so I can’t really judge it based on the manga. The ending in the anime was fine. In fact, considering how the manga goes they did a great job with it. If they were to have give the above information and then end, leaving us to wonder what those hints mean it would be way worse then leaving it up to us. The way it ended we can decide that Nana and Yano get together right away or whatever. They did a good job of showing all the characters in the end, and showing them reacting to everything rather nicely because one thing this series did greatly was the side characters.

Final Words:

I’m not really that familiar with many Shoujo shows like this one. Bokura ga Ita defiantly was Shoujo, from the fact that it comes form a manga from basically a Shoujo magazine to just the way they dealt with the plot. Not only that, but the art was decidedly different form most shows, which set it apart. Now, I don’t’ have much to compare this to other shoujos but as far as I’m concerned Bokura ga Ita did a great job showing the relationships and characters. They didn’t’ drag out too long about Nana and Yano getting together, which seems to be what Shoujo is about. I enjoyed seeing the problems they had to get over though that. However, as I’ve said above what impressed me the most was the side characters. It wasn’t just centered on Nana and Yano, but Yuri and take, to side characters played almost as important of a role as the “main characters” did. Not only did they have personalities and backgrounds that were unique and explored pretty well, but they had an actual impact on the relationship of Nana and Yano, causing drama from both of them as there was a whole love square going on, that constantly had an effect that was interesting.

I have to mention Bokura ga Ita’s art because I know early on hearing people talk badly about it. There are several scenes where they will show a character with only one eye, or they will show a person and just the immediate area around them would have a background and the rest would be whited out. People kept saying how bad this was, but I didn’t’ really see a problem with it. It was just a different art style, and in some cases I think it really worked. It allowed for someone to focus on a character because that was what was important in the scene. Not where they were, but that it was them. It may not have been the best, it may be odd and leave backgrounds and the setting of the show to be neglected but I think it worked fine for the plot given.

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  1. My thoughts exactly, a fitting end to the anime, but having read the additional manga scanlation, I’m really curious as to what causes them to fall out of touch for three years.

    As for the animation style, I didn’t like it at first, but after writing up the series review I figured they did it to keep focus on the characters…that or serious budgeting issues =D

    Finally, Yamamoto FTL! *fkees*

  2. For the manga, It looks like Yuri will end up with Yano, or Yano will have no one at all :(
    It seems like Nana might have moved on from Yano somewhat (in the manga), but it seems like she just setteled for Take because she needed someone. I think Yuri will be in the same school as Yano and thats where their relationship will develop. Still I really would love to see how the manga turns out, right now I’m downloading the japanese version volumes 1-10,I cannot find any scanlated versions of the manga except up to volume 8. Does anyone know where I can find scanlations for volumes 9 and up? (the ending of this anime depressed me).

  3. i love this series, but I found the ending unsatifying. It definitely was a good place to end the series, BUT it’s way too open and it makes it seem like there is a 2nd season possibility. I mean i’m not so used to animes abruptly ending like that with no real conclusion. =/ I need to find something just as good to watch now. bah!

  4. Yeah, sadly it seems unavoidable to leave endings this open when based on a manga. There are so many cases where they just stop the anime because the manga is ongoing, it really is a shame. It’s what’s caused me to have half of the manga collection I do. Still, I think its better then completly changing the ending to conclude in a bad way.

  5. Wow I was expecting to hate the series after seeing episode 24 but these last 2 episodes were really some of the most bittersweet epsiodes in anime history. I really want to read the rest of the manga just to know what happened to Yano and continue the journey with these characters. I should not have read the little manga version of the ending because it is making me crazy with curiosity.

    I fell in love with the characters from the beginning but wow I never expected them to grow so much. I grew from hating Yuri to feeling bad for her and at first I felt Take was annoying and in the end I realized how mature he was.

    I always felt for Yano and I could understand his pain but when he said he was going to start protecting instead of being protected, that’s exactly the sentiments a teenage boy going into adulthood feels and I really felt what he was saying. When Yano said that though it looked like if he was kind of scared and that’s understandable going into adulthood is kind of scary but still Yano was gonna face destiny like a man. In the end I felt I was the most like Yano in relationships, in family issues, and insecurity.

    Nana also grew to understand what love is and I can’t really say too much because she’s still sort of cry babyish but she still grew up to understand what it means to be a girl in love and that it comes with happiness and pain.

    Overall I loved the series. The art could have been done better but it was quaint and pretty at times and the music was great all the way through. I loved the insert and ending songs. I’d love to see like an American drama of Bokura Ga Ita or atleast a dub.

  6. Oh by the way I’ve read some summaries on what happens in future volumes if you want to know what happens in volumes 9 and 10 of the manga…….


    Nana and Yano have not seen eachother in years (like 5-7), Nana is in college and feels lonely and still thinks about Yano. Take attends a school close to Nana and one day comforts her since she’s lonely and they kiss, they get close. One day Nana goes for some job interview and when she says her name someone tells her she’s heard of her before from a friend (Yano perhaps?) We do a flashback to Yano’s high hschool years in Tokyo. Yano is lonely and is having financial problems and his mom is in the hospital. Yano’s grades are failing and an admirer (couldn’t find a name so I’ll call her admirer girl) wants to help him but she knows he has a girlfriend so she keeps her love a secret. Admirer girl and Yano become very good friends. Yuri comes all the way to Tokyo to see Yano and asks if she can stay with Yano since she has no where else to go. Yano rejects her request but admirer girl says Yuri can sleep over at her house. Admirer girl being the sweet person she is tells Yuri to not give up on Yano. When Yuri is leaving Yano tells her that he will never love her and that he regrets sleeping with her when her sister died. He says even if he was dating Nana he would not love Yuri. Yuri tells Yano he may regret having sex with her but she doesn’t and she felt at that time loved and she felt important to someone. She then leaves on train. Later we see Yano needs money for his mother’s hospital bills so he gets a job but it’s not enough. Some guy tells Yano if he’ll do illegal jobs for money and Yano rejects harshly leading to Yano getting beat up. Admirer girl sees Yano’s grades are getting very bad so she makes some notes for Yano to study. Yano says he doesn’t want her notes but Admirer girl says that if she can beat Yano in a swimming race he has to study the notes for 15 minutes a day. Admirer girl wins easily so Yano accepts her notes. After a party, Yano and Admirer girl are walking home together and he drops the notes. She picks up the notes and Yano says he has been studying them for 30 minutes a day. Admirer girl then admits her feelings and says she wants to help Yano and be there for him. Volume 10 ends there.


    Volume 11 barely came out in Japan and it’s in the Top 5 manga sales. Looks like this series won’t be ending anytime soon.

  7. man youre right, this manga looks like it can go on forever. Looks like yuri will never get to be with yano. Chris, where did you get the summary from? Do you have the scanlated manga on your computer? If you do, Please send me the link from where you got it, I’m desperate! lol. Oh btw, I do have the Japanese manga on my computer (but cant understand it, lol, it’s times like this where I would love to know Japanese), here is the link:
    the torrent is on that page.

  8. I doubt the manga will go longer than 12 – 13 volumes.
    Mangas that are serialized in betsucomi never run for long,
    and I’ve recently purchased volume 11, and it seems that the story is finally winding up, what with *spoilers!!!!*

    everybody congregating. “Admirer Girl” w/ the big boobs and long name that I can’t remember is working in the same company as Takahashi Nanami, and Takeuchi purchased a ring, so I guess he’s going to propose to Nanami. Meanwhile ” Admirer Girl” is supposed to meet with a client, who she finds out (by reading the card) that it is, in fact, Yano. I think this is the climax. I’m guessing that Nanami will definitely meet Yano.

    I have a feeling it’s going to end with Yano and Nanami breaking up “officially”, and Yano gets with the ” Admirer Girl” w/ the big boobs.

  9. What you guys think will there be season 2 or any specials? I just cant leave it like that.
    Season 2… i really want to see it.


  10. Is there any translations out there for the manga? I’m having a hard time reading the manga (even with a dictionary) -_-“”

  11. Thanks for the manga summaries. I’ve been going crazy just wondering what is going to become of Yano and Nanami. I know that with the way the story is progressing, it is unlikely that Yano and Nana will ever get back together, but part of me really hopes that there is still a chance for the two of them to reunite and live happily ever after. Although I like the Take x Nana pairing since it’s obvious Takeuchi loves her a lot and understands her probably more so than Yano, I don’t believe any girl is right for Yano except Nana who helped him to change and grow up.

    Personally, I think I am just extremely upset with the way Yano stopped communicating with his friends and his girlfriend.

    When does volume 12 come out?

  12. There -has- to be a season 2… D: That was one of the best animes I’ve seen so far. But I was really amazed that I didn’t cry in any of the episodes. I mean, I was -really- close to crying in some, but I ended up not crying in any. :3 Maybe because I’ve been watching some sad animes recently so that I’m slightly used to it. Who knows.

    Season 2! Season 2!


  13. obviously theres a reason why Yano didnt contact any of his friends at all. Actually thats not even true..

    *SPOILER* during one of the was found out that Yano was indeed in contact with Take..also, hes having troubles in Tokyo himself with his mother ultimately committing suicide..*SPOILERS*

    Read the animesuki thread if you want to find out more.. I really wanna how what happens in the next volumes X_X

  14. Ahh im really desperate to know, this is the best lovey dovey anime or just the best anime I’ve watched so far, I really beg for them to do a season two the least to finish off all these loose ends.
    I don’t like leaving it up to my imagination to know what happens, its really bugging me. The websites i tried above arent working in downloading the manga…please anyone? Know any good websites for the manga? (btw it would be nice if it was translated in english) x

  15. Hey Hatsu! Please post the what happened in the end ok? If ever the last volume has come out and you read it. Thank you! I really really really want to know what will happen in the end….

  16. i gotta say, whaaaaaaaaaaaaa-t daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!
    hahaha…this is crazy..i used to love the anime series,but after seeing the ending, i was just like o_O omG!!!

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