Bokura ga Ita – 25

Nana regrets telling Yano that she is ok with him leaving and tries to figure out what to do and what would be best for Yano.


Again, I found this episode to be rather boring actually. Especially for the second to last episode, honestly there wasn’t much drama or excitement at all. They seem to be repeating a lot of the things they have already brought up. All this episode did was drag out Yano’s decision to go or not. They didn’t even drag it out that well, because up until the end I really didn’t care. However, with that mention the end was a bit touching. When they were just together and they calked about how their feelings for each other were clear it was a bit touching and a nice moment. Plus I like that he actually gave an answer to if he is going or not and how they dealt with that.

I really do want to know what happens in the next episode, but not because of this episode. Usually the second to last episode really helps in making me want to know what happens but this one didn’t at all. Yet, I still want to know what happens just because of the way they have spent a good deal advancing the characters. I mostly jut want to know what will happen with Yuri and Take, as it is obvious that they won’t win Nana or Yano, probably, so they have to have some kind of closure. I really want to see what happens to them.

One thought on “Bokura ga Ita – 25”

  1. I don’t watch bokura ga ita-25,,but i already read its comic..
    Bokura ga ita always make me cry everytime i read it..
    i wonder what happend to yano and nana at the end of the story..
    because i don’t know yet the end of this story..
    But this is a great anime and manga..
    thx to Obata Yuuki..

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