Asatte no Houkou – 10

Tetsu continues to look for Karada while staying at the bed and breakfast where unbeknownst to him she is working right under his nose.


This episode, like all episodes of this series was great. However I felt like there wasn’t that much happening when there could have been. Not that that is bad. This show had done an incredible job of making and episode spectacular despite huge groundbreaking things happening. However I’m a bit surprised that Tetsu didn’t find out her name. He’s been look for her, and the story has focused on him looking for her, for two full episodes now, which seem a bit much for just finding her. There is still the matter of Tetsu coming to grips with this, the fact she knows his feelings for her, and then of course the two of them changing back. Tetsu is definitely an interesting character though, as I guessed from one of the first episodes he would be vitally important to the story, which he seems to be. If not for him Karada would have likely stayed working away from everyone. This episode really showed that he is a pretty cool character because of the devotion he showed to Karada.

It seems like next episode we will finally, hopefully, have Tetsu find out that Karada is Karada. It also seems however that we will get some more flashbacks of Hiro and Shouko, which is good because Tetsu and Karada is a good relationship to progress, but they have been really neglecting Hiro and Shouko lately. The two of them seemed to have a bit more interesting relationship, because Karada and Tetsu must have a normal feelings but Hiro and Shouko have an interesting history of love and being broken up for certain reasons even though they both still love each other. Tetsu is fine, I don’t dislike his character or that they gave him some more focus, but I want to see more of Hiro and Shouko.

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