Kanon Remake – 14

Yuuichi learns of Sayuri’s past and her connection with Mai while he tries to figure out what exactly his connection to the demons is.


Wow. I’m amazed at this episode. Not so much because of Sayuri getting accidentally attacked. I knew that was coming. What I’m most impressed about was Sayuri’s past. They never even hinted at that in the original series although obviously it was in the game. It just adds so much to the story, not only does it give Sayuri a little bit more light but it makes her character more tragic, it makes a more meaningful connection between her and Mai, which is an extremely important relationship in Mai’s arc. Mai’s arc wouldn’t be anywhere near as enjoyable without Sayuri and showing that she has a past like that jut makes that crucial part add even more. It’s also not just the flashback either. The drama they had on the rooftop wasn’t really in the old series and again it really adds to Mai’s situation.

I thought the mention of the song Kanon was awesome. I never knew that before, and it could even by what the game was named after. If not then it was just a pretty cool addition because it does demonstrate what the show is about a little bit. I liked Sayuri’s explanation how it was a melody that kept going and increasing without changing, like an ideal life. That was just cool, meaning how Kanon means a gentle unchanging life but how that’s not what things are. In a way, although I’ve never thought of it, that’s what the show is about. It’s about everyday life that seems normal and unchanging but isn’t. All the things that seem normal, Makoto, Mai, Shiori, Ayu, everyone has more to them.

I loved that they had bunny ears in this episode. I hope Mai finds them or Yuuichi sees them and remembers something. After all he did have a brief flashback already and anyone could tell that girl is Mai. You have to be brain-dead not to, I don’t care if you haven’t seen the other series it’s in the freaking OP during Mai’s segment. Mai talks about her friend again in the past so perhaps the bunny ears will trigger something in someone, having them there just for the shot we already saw would be a bit of a let down.

I’m pretty surprised at the scene with Mai and Yuuichi at the end. Mai seemed like she was trying to kill herself. Which, she does in the other anime but it only comes after defeating the demons and realizing that she was the one creating them. It was really a touching scene where Mai stood there and held the sword to her chest but Sayuri saved her. I just hope they have that scene again; I’m just worried that her attempting to hurt herself in this episode will take away from the other moment.

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