.hack//G.U. Vol. 3 Trailer Impressions (Pre Vol. 2)

Ok, the other day I got a link to this trailer and I think by watching it my life was shortened. I think I had multiple heart attacks and was pulling out my hair. This trailer was incredible. Now, I’m posting these impressions and theories on this trailer for Vol. 3 before playing Vol. 2. It’s ok if I get some spoilers for Vol. 2 but don’t go and give me the entire script. HOWEVER! Once Vol. 3 is released in Japan I will have absolute ZERO tolerance for ANY spoilers regarding Vol. 3. This trailer is as far as I’m going in terms of spoielrs for Vol. 3 and will not tolerant any other spoilers from anyone who has played the game after it has come out in Japan and before I have played it. So, untill Vol. 3 is released adn there are clear spoilers and not just theories, pour your souls out here on what you think about the trailer :D


  • We see a scene from Vol. 2 where Ovan reveals what’s in his arm. Which is out of his shoulder an AIDA tentacle thing is growing. He then attacks with three weapons making a sign around Haseo. Haseo is freaking out, confused and shocked.
  • We see a quick flashback to vol. 1 where Ovan is helping Haseo up after he is first PK’d when he first plays the game.
  • We see a pile of books in a white room. The camera zooms out and we see someone with crazy white hair sitting in a wheelchair in the white room that has several books. A sign on the floor and a broken away piece of the floor reeling blue glowing space.
  • We see Haseo, Kite (Tri Edge), Pai, Endrance, Atoli, and Sakubo all walking forward together towards the serpent of knowledge.
  • We see some quick shots of something, then a shot of a spear or blade in the air pointing downwards.
  • We see the unknown with white hair in the cathedral facing the altar and then turning to look behind him.
  • We see Haseo looking surprised.
  • We se a shot of what is maybe Sakaki with his eyes closed.
  • Some other really fast shots.
  • There’s an explosion of AIDA.
  • We then see a huge sphere thing moving slowing and a metropolis like setting where it apparently is.
  • We see Kuhn, Endrance, and Sakubo together all looking shocked at something above.
  • Ovan screaming as AIDA engulfs him.
  • Atoli screaming in desperation.
  • Taihaku looking down on something.
  • Pai looking surprised.
  • Haseo screaming, holding a powered up bracelet like data drain thing on his arm ready to attack.
  • There’s a black version of Skeith glowing red that puts his hand out, perhaps facing off against Haseo.
  • We see some white thing holding a huge sphere with a canon like thing on it.
  • We see several flying things.
  • Ovan looks at the camera.
  • We then hear a deep growl and four glowing lights appear. The thing moves away from the camera revealing the lights are on some kind of surface. Obviously Cubia.
  • We see Haseo standing alone in a large white plane.
  • We see a close-up of Haseo’s face, a junk missing filled with static.
  • We see a shot of Haseo’s face being engulfed by AIDA. We then see him being struck by the AIDA and falling down, lying on the floor static’ing out.
  • We see Haseo in his third form holding his head while AIDA surrounds him.
  • We see a close-up of his face and he has symbols over his face like he is transforming, then the white of his eyes turn black.
  • We see a quick glimpse at Haseo glowing in some white outfit.
  • We see Ovan and there is a white glow in front of him, the white glow then explodes.
  • We see Haseo getting new marks on his cheeks, symbolizing his Xth form.
  • We see Haseo in third form looking at someone in a spotlight who is glowing and holding up something. It looks to be Haseo in Xth form.
  • Haseo is floating in darkness and a light appears before him.
  • We see a close-up of all of Haseo in his Xth form, white and glowing.
  • Two colored rings appear around a glow.
  • We see Haseo standing in his Xth for in a white room with some blue rings in the background.
  • We see a gameplay shot of Haseo pulling out his Xth form weapons, two guns.
  • There are some gameplay shots of Haseo fighting enemies with his guns.
  • We see a shot from first person looking at party members. The shots are: Shino and Tabby, Natsume and Piros, Balmung and Endrance, Sakubo and Atoli, Orca and Yowkow, Yata and Pai, Bordeaux and Fire Guy, Kuhn and Anteras, Silabus and Gaspard, Zelkova and Kaede, Sakubo and Kite.
  • More gameplay shots.
  • We see Haseo in a dark plane, creating a bracelet data drain shot. He charges forward and shoots the data drain.
  • We hear everyone saying I am here Skeith all together. A new version of Skeith appears, white with kind of wing like things.
  • Skeith fights against some white creature.
  • We see a shot of Online Jack. Jack, the school teacher, and someone else are staring at a screen. We see shots of explosions and care pile ups. Then back with Jack a screen says Rebirth and there is a huge glow and explosion of light.
  • We see Haseo in 3rd form looking at the cathedral. We then see other various quick shots of vol. 1 and 2.
  • We then see a shot of someone in a wheelchair with long white hair. The hair strands are long and a piece is in front of her face.
  • We see Haseo in a plane with Skeith symbols around him.
  • We see Atoli and Kuhn looking up.
  • We hear everyone yelling Haseo, while these shots run by: Kuhn with symbols around him, Shino standing in the cathedral, close up of Haseo in Xth form, Haseo screaming, Endrance with symbols, Shino again, Ovan’s face, the new Skeith, Atoli with symbols around her.
  • We see Shino at the altar and she turns and says thank you to Haseo.
  • We see Haseo eye opening, and he makes a stance in his Xth form with his guns, blue glowing energy around him.


One huge big thing is of course Cubia. It’s obvious that those red lights were Cubia; his groan was the same too. However, that rally brings forth the question of why the hell is Cubia there. Cubia was always the anti existence of something in the previous games, which was the bracelet. Is Cubia still an anti existence? If so, to what? It could be that he I still the anti existence of the bracelet, because we do see Haseo able to use data drain while not in Skeith form. Or it could be something much more complicated like the anti existence of AIDA or Haseo himself.

The wheelchair person, who the hell is it? Some people were saying that it could be Gabi or Zelkova. Now, not having played Vol. 2 I don’t’ really see where they got that from. It’s a possibility, which means those two would get more character development in two to lead to this. I’m not really sure what it is, because first off they didn’t show it doing much. The one part I’m confused about is that I believe the wheel chaired one is the same one shown early in the trailer in the cathedral, standing up. So I’m a bit confused on that part.

Tabby is back! I was really hoping she would be back, because it’s not like she died like Phyllo did. I just hope they bring back Touta and Saburou. The party shots were really very interesting. Now, there is a possibility that those were all after beating the game, which means they are just kind of bonus. Yet if not, that leaves a lot of questions. First off Shino was with Tabby, so does Shino come back in the middle of the game then? If not hen it defiantly leads to the idea that these are just bonuses. We also see all of the Azure Knights. I think it’s obvious that Tri Edge is Kite himself, same with the other two. They are in your party so that means apparently you understood who they really are and stop trying to kill Kite and have him join you. I’m really confused as to why the hell they showed Natsume. You know, the very minor background party member in the first games? The Twin blade…yeah…her. Wth!? First off she was NEVER important, not like Mistral or Wiseman were, second they restarted the game so did she make a character just like it? We also see her with Piros, not this could be the original one from the first games or the new one in G.U. Or those two could be the same person which is very likely. As to why the hell you are with Bordeaux, Zelkova and some of those minor ones, I have no idea.

The new Skeith. Now that looks cool. From the trailer, the Impression I got was that the new form was some kind of joint effort between everyone. We heard them all yell I am here Skeith, and so it’s almost like all of them together are that new form. It looks really cool, and very different. Which kind of fits since Haseo’s Xth form is very different as well.

Haseo’s Xth form raises another question, how the hell does he get it? It’s obviously something abnormal; first off a normal Multi Weapon class only gets three forms which are chosen at character development. So that means that his Xth form is something that isn’t normal…so how does he get it?

I thought it was cool to see Taihaku. I don’t know what happens to him in Vol. 2 but he’s briefly in Vol. 1 and there was even a small hint towards Roots because Haseo thought he remembered him from somewhere. However that shot of him I the trailer made him look almost evil so I’m really wondering where he comes into play.

Also, how exactly is Haseo able to use Data Drain without Skeith now? Is it just part of his Xth form o can he use it in 3rd form as well. If so, then how the hell does he gain that ability? Does Kite give him his bracelet or something?

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  1. oh, btw, i think you only get ONE item for the Max Affection event.

    just thought I would say that before many of you start trying to be .hack pimps. lol :)

  2. Xebek: I would really appreciate the pics ;-)
    It took me a whole night to get 1st place in each mission, And I cannot wait for vol.3

    Gonyea: Well, being a .hack pimp would be pretty cool, if at all possible ;-)

  3. My bad, Gonyea. I would really appreciate the pics. But I can’t help with the bike missions..

  4. I had to delete your comment tourshiro because just from what I read of it it was spoiling too much and i wasn’t going to take the chance and read all of it and get spoiled. I’ve said here before no actual spoilers about Vol. 3 and your comment seemed to come close to that. Please don’t comment spoilers for the game.

  5. to Xebek: oh I’m sorry dude its just that it was my first time coming to this website and someone said something about balmung tri-edge and orca so I want to correct them that all.

    from last comment

    ultra sorry for that dude I hope I didn’t spoil it for anyone. I’m just so impatient with the dates of games that I just have to get on the internet and search for info on the game. So ultra sorry to anyone who happen to read my comment. I’m a ultra bone head. So are you like the creator of this website Xebek. I could always give tips on the vol 2 since I just got it 3 days ago and already beat it and I’m super mad that I play the game none stop.

    can I at least tell them the date for the game its uuuuunnnnnbbbbbeeeeaaaarrrraabbbbblllllee!?
    I told all my friends today because I’m known to tell them when our favorite game are to come out. so……… I forgot what I was about to say. Oh yeah the reason I came here was because I was looking for pictures of Azure Kite, Balmung,and Orca because I’m a talented artist as far as anime goes, and I read a summary of what someone said and I had to open my big mouth trying to explain who they really were. I know a lot more but now that I came back and saw what you said I’m not going to tell If I do it will be kinda and kinda not fake. Pretty much hints.

  6. I’m about to continue my quest to finish my picture hunt of orca. I’ll be back to check on what you say

    It would be ultra awesome if they came out with an online “World”. Except for .hack fragments. I’m talking about R:2 version and you have a variety of how your characters look like. And they had event character such as Haseo, Kuhn, Azure Kite, and so on. Dude that would be so awesome. And you could make a guild. I know there’s a game close to it but I’m not a big fan of it. But my friends are. World of Warcraft. I hope bandai or the creators of .hack try to make a online game of it. They’re coming out with an online dragonball z game but not .hack, that sucks.

    If anyone needs help with something in .hack vol 2 just ask and Xebek I’m sorry if this is a spoiler but as everyone knows when haseo fight kite for the first time when he was in his third form.(the movie cutscene) Kite or tri edge was not actually aiming for haseo but he was actually aiming for I’m going to let you guess for five second hold on maybe twenty five (jepordey song)……………………………………………….. time up it was Ovan.
    He didn’t intentionally try to data drain haseo. I always didn’t like Ovan.

    can you go past level 150 in vol 3 because if we can’t I’m going to be ultra pissed.

  7. No problem about the spoiler, you didn’t know and I didn’t really read that much before deleting it. The bit about Azure Orca and Balmung I knew but it looked like you said more.

    Anyways, welcome to this site, try and consolidate your comments a bit more. I did some for you, but you posted like seven in a row. Posting separate comments for separate ideas and such are fine, but on one pot consolidate them a bit.

    You can go ahead and give any dates you want, but just don’t promise anything to anyone if you aren’t sure.

    I don’t think you can go past lvl 150.

  8. Rock on so when I went to look up the date because I saw on youtube that someone was looking up the date and some how someone said the fall of this year. I also saw that when I watched a movie for it before vol. 2 came out. So I looked it up and it lead me to bandai.com, and they said the head of the company said they were planning on releasing it Fall of 2007. So for now the date is Fall of 2007 but just like Vol 2 they delayed it before it came out May 8th. So for now I’m hoping it’s 2 or 4 months at the most because I’m level 100 and I can’t level up and all my weapon levels are at the highest they can go. Also I got ever single epathae’s weapon however you spell that along with the doppleganger’s weapons. So I’m really intisapating for this game to come out soon.

  9. Last nigth I guess my post didn’t get in but I saw someone were having problems with the bike mission so since I had a problem getting the 2 course at number 1. My time was 9’86 so I found a glitch. When you are about to get a king chim, right before you hit it press select button and then press circle and you should automatically win.

  10. Welcome to the forum, tourshiro!(sorry Xebek)
    Well, I also checked out Bandai, and saw Fall as the release date. Oh, I also loathe Ovan with a passion. Well, interesting to know about the Azure knights(I read ur post before it was deleted) Also, I agree with ur .hack online idea, badass it would be!

  11. Yeah, I wish they would come out with an online .hack. This is crazy, why aren’t they coming out with an online game “The world.” It would be like World of Warcraft but better.

  12. First of all, thanks to Gonyea for sending me awsome pics of volume 3.
    Xebek: Hey, oculd I post them? (there of the weddings) If so, please respond..

  13. didn’t aura like change because in the terminal disc they refer to her when this guy was talkin about his last day in the world R1. anyway he says that he meets up with what appears to be a wanderin Ai or somethin and it says that “she has adbandoned the individual and became a god”. I think she was referin to aura so that might explain the costume change.

  14. OMG!!!!

  15. can anyone confirm the release date that i found. i know its aroung fall but i saw a date for sept. 24 2007. If so i cant wait

  16. sry bout the name lol i know its retarded :) i just wanted a quick thingy lol. (don’t want to embarress myself calling it the wrong thing) This is Hi i suck.

  17. Haseo Xth form: You’re comment seemed to regard spoilers and I’m not allowing for any spoilers that talk about Vol. 3. You can theorize but it sounded like you knew for sure so please refrain from comments like that.

    I don’t think the date has been officially confirmed by Bandai, until then its just random guesses that I don’t pay attention to. There were a lot of release dates mentioned for Vol. 2 before the official one and most were wrong so I’m just going to wait till the official announcement.

  18. ok sry lol. If u like to know alot google video helps alot. Just type .hack gu volume 3 and you get lots of videos and stuff. Some are subtitled. Again sry about the spoiler. Was hard to keep in. I already know everything that happens in vol. 3. It’s VERY cool.

  19. Ok back to just chatting about it. Is it just me or do you get chill bumps everytime you see the english trailer for vol 3 at the end of vol 2. :)

  20. Yeah, its odd even though the Japanese tailer with real movie shots has a lot more, theres something chilling about the one at the end of Vol. 2

  21. I’m not going to really warn again, I’ll just delete comments that are spoilers and there was a whole slew of them just now. If you’ve played the game any comment from you that says anything that happens in it isn’t allowed.

  22. There’s no need to be like a game admin. Just say to me i don’t like spoilers that’s why i deleted your post…..

  23. I have repeatedly said in past comments just like five comments above yours that I don’t want spoilers, I wasn’t talking to just you or anything and I’m not entirely blamming you, just don’t post any more spoilers.

  24. Wth is the point in just posting mindless spoilers like that anyways? If nobody fucking asked for what happens all your doing by spoiling and telling every damn thing that happens is showing off that you know what happens and ruining it for anyone else. Fine you know it, doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole and ruin of everyone else. If they want to find out then they would seek it out, but don’t just mindlessly post it everywhere thinking you are special for knowing it.

  25. To ‘To Momo’:Yes, pimps are people too (-;
    Onitherisis: I agree with you completely
    Xebek: If anyone is a repeat offender with spoilers, just be like a game admin and delete them! (-;

  26. HaseoXth I was the same when I got on this website but mine got deleted but your theory was wrong but I wont say anymore

  27. Oh yeah Xebek, I think this is really the right date because I first searched for the date of Vol.2 I went to some dot hack offical website and the head of bandai released the date and gave a specific but they just said the fall some we may have to wait for the offical date. So anyone who wants to know just go to a game website such as IGN.com or most likely to this website Bandai.com the company of the game and look for the date. And the september 24th date is what you propably saw off the Vol.3 movie trailer.

  28. Can someone tell me about this one thing about .hack gu volume 3. HOW LONG CAN THEY KILL US WITH SAYING ITS CLOSE TO BEING OUT. I can’t wait to get it. Can anyone tell me why there’s that weird, white version of haseo in his third form? If you can thx.

    Btw Xebek ROCKS

  29. I know who that he or she is but Xebek got on to me the first day I got on this website and he deleted it because I was giving too many spoilers out so sorry can’t give you the answer but if you pay attention to vol.1 you’ll figure it out and you’ve seen him in the game before so thats the only hint I can give you and he alway ordering people around also. So thats all

  30. Could someone send me images of haseo in gunslinger mode from all sides? I am an artist and I would like to get an idea of what he looks like from all angles! Contact me at pbakle@insightbb.com

  31. I actually saw the release date for .hack vol.3 redemption. I don’t care if you don’t believe me you go and look for youself. IGN.com look here this isn’t even the typing i can type in

    September 10, 2007 .hack//G.U. Vol.3: Redemption Bandai RPG

    omg this is so awesome. I’ll come back and give you a link. please don’t delete this Xebek

  32. The girl in the wheelchair is Aina o_O
    Her hiar is actually light blue, and she is NOT Aura.
    Yepyep, I’m so excited for Sept. 10th! I can’t wait!
    I’ve seen all of the major cutscenes in Japanese on Youtube, and it just makes me more antsy!
    There is a website with a spiffy production trailer! I loved it!
    I absolutely can’t ait to fight Fidhell, or to party with my lovely Azure Kite

  33. uhh does anyone know how to beat Cubia god its so dang hard he just keeps on attacking me like i’m a flee at first it was cool then he got like freaking strong i can’t even take away anything from him if sorry if i’m giving information out but i need to know

  34. Not the ideal location for the comment, but I guess I haven’t posted the section of the game where you fight him. Which form are you having trouble with? I found him quite easy.

  35. well cubia is really hard to beat but you need to keep hold square and shoot as fast as possible as cubia will spawn the gomoras after the no. of gomoras reach lesser than 10. try to stun it asap and hit it 2.5 times after it is stunned. try to avoid the gomora’s random shots at you so you can charge ur swords behind you to shoot, since any hit you receive will disrupt your charge. as for its “god-like” attack after its hp is around 1/4, you have to try and reduce the amount of damage received by hitting away as many gomoras as possible. try shooting once then hit dem while moving back simultaneously, then stun it asap. took me a few tries to succeed though. XD hope this helps.

  36. No no no, Cubia is easy. Don’t use stun when he does the attack and sends out the huge wave of Gomora’s. You should be rather close to him when he does it, so just slash away like you’ve never slashed before. It will take care of most of them. You’ll get his by like 2, but at least if you slash you don’t runt he risk of being hit by all of them.

    However, SLASH AS SOON AS HE DOES IT. If you don’t and get hit by that first one, its hard to break the chain of hits.

  37. by the way… DGs is a really nice weapon XD. DG-Z seems like the best since it has the ability “death bullet” which allows you to have a chance to reduce your enemies remaining hp till 10%. however, its only usable at lvl 150, i love DGs XD.

  38. yo i know how to get a ripper blade om first then get to 2 then 3 and a black armor thats the best itams in the whole wide onling game lol emil me if you got enthing to tell me

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