Pumpkin Scissors – 10

While Orlando waits for his uniform to be sewed together, he is told about how Section III was first started.


For the most part, I have a bit mixed feelings about this series so far. This episode was once again kind of slow, very little action and absolutely no overall plot regarding Orlando’s past. Although, it’s not that it was complete filler goofy material either. I loved that they showed the past of Section II. I thought it was really interesting to see the characters back then and how Section II was formed. It has always been a topic about what other people thought about Section III and I think that this episode fits well into the focus of what the section is trying to do, and how it started and so on. Plus it is just interesting in general I think to see flashbacks and such of how things started.

As I said above, it is kind of slow though. This episode was a bit interesting in the fact I was kind of interested near the end when Alice confronted the Major about the corruption thing. I’m not saying that this episode or others are boring, although they don’t seem to contribute to the overall plot arc about Orlando’s past, they are still interesting. I just hope soon for some, not necessarily concluding, about the whole deal with the Invisible 9 and his past. However many groups of the 9__ sections, I think there are only five but yes technically it could be 99. In either case there are still at bare minimum very likely seven more groups they have yet to introduce. I think that they could get a lot of plot development and action from introducing some parts from that story.

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