Kurosaki Sayoko Character Profile


Name: Kurosaki Sayoko
Anime: Mahoraba
Manga: Mahoraba
Birthday: 10.17.??
Blood Type: AB

  • Has a younger sister who lives with her very rich mom and dad, although she didn’t have much contact with them due to her running away from home to elope.
  • Was married once but her husband died in a accident
  • Is the legal guardian of Kurosaki Asami, who is not blood related to her or her previous husband but she thinks of her as her own daughter.



Never has attempted suicide been this hilarious. Although not a usual thing for someone to make a comedy bit out of, Sayoko handles this fairly serious topic and makes it hilarious. At least in the beginning of the manga and maybe anime, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched the anime; she would try and hang herself daily. However the rope always broke and she would just lie on the ground looking pathetic. Even when Asami kind of got worried about it and Sayoko said she would stop, there was a whole bit where she would approach the noose and start shaking like she was going though withdraw because she wasn’t trying it.


Sayoko is one of my favorite characters just because of how pathetically lazy she always is. It’s to a degree that transcends normal laziness, its inspiring in a non inspiring way…kind of… Anyways, I love how completely apathetic she is. I remember once when she was supposed to be doing work and fell asleep, then when Asami came home and she woke up and sat up and pretended to work like she had been working all along, even though Asami saw her asleep and saw her get up. The way she just is always spacing out with a blank look on her face is hilarious. Although she is adult she has a very childish personality and always seems to easily get in distress.


I love the way Sayoko is frequently on her knees and begging for various things, scratching with her hands like a cat or something. She is just so pathetic that it’s charming. Not only that, but there are several instances where she would eat someone else’s food, and then when questioned about it would just remain silent, like she usually is, and completely ignores the topic that was brought up about who ate the food.


Although Sayoko is for the most part completely lazy and apathetic, begging people for things and looking really pathetic and useless she does have a really strong side to. There was one instance when her parents confronted her about remarrying and giving up Asami. She completely stood up for herself giving this riveting speech about how she loved her previous husband and wouldn’t move on to just forget him, and how Asami was her daughter, blood relation or not. That was really rather surprising, and although it would seem a bit out of character I don’t think it necessarily is because although for the most part she seems to not care, she does about things that are important.


Another point that shows how awesome Sayoko is that she is incredibly talented. Despite being an incredibly depressed and lazy woman, she has incredible talent as shown in her wood carving. I don’t exactly remember this from the anime, but in the manga at least they showed how basically she saw someone wood carving once, so he gave her a bloc of wood and a knife and right away she made a just amazing sculpture of Asami. Then as seen in one of the manga scans below she kind of took that and went overboard, but it was a kind of re occurring thing showing that she is good at it, not only at making Asami but once making a crab and so on. Also, she is an extremely talented violinist, as was shown once when she stood in for someone at a school concert.


2 thoughts on “Kurosaki Sayoko Character Profile”

  1. i really find her to be quite an original character – lazyness, slackyness and patheticness all rolled into one…. heh. her character design is pretty good though, as i have this fancy over girls with extra long hair.

  2. Very true that her lazyness is inspiring in a non-inspiring way. I’m also amazed how she just collapses when she’s hungry or tired.

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