Miyazaki Nodoka Character Profile


Name: Miyazaki Nodoka
Anime: Mahou Sensei Negima, Negima!?
Manga: Magister Negi Magi, Negima Neo
Birthday: May 10th, 1988
• Student Number 27
• Pactio Power is called Diarium Eius which creates a book that sees into the future and minds of those she speaks their name.
• Is referred to has Honya-chan which basically translates to library girl


First off she is damn cute. Most people seem to agree on that at least, and if you don’t well then I don’t really care what a brain dead idiot thinks :D Ok, vicious fanboyism aside she is cute. They haven’t shown it in the new anime yet but when she pulls her hair back in a small pony tail thing in the back she looks even cuter because you see her face but still get that long bangs thing in front. Her whole shyness thing defiantly adds to her cuteness. She defiantly has some moe aspect to her, and so not only is she cute, but she is shy which like, amplifies her cuteness.

Nodoka is also pretty damn smart, and is very likely one of t he smartest girls in all of the series. Although technically I would say the girl who made a fully functional robot and A.I. Operating System for this robot may be equally if not smarter, but Nodoka defiantly holds her own. Just because she is in the library Club isn’t what makes her smart, hell Yue is in that club and she is a Baka Ranger which means she is one of the five stupidest girls in the class. Nodoka seems smart in her own way, but not just book smart. She was able to figure some stuff out, and isn’t super gullible. She stood up and took charge. Although she is shy which adds to her cuteness, she is very brave sometimes as she took charge in trying to help Negi and didn’t just say back and cower.

One thing that makes Nodoka is awesome, is how kick ass she is and how great her abilities are. Her pactio powers are surpassed by none! Basically her power is that she can create and use a book that sees into the future. That is likely one of the best powers that anyone could possibly have. Seeing into the future, you could do so many things with that ability it’s not even funny. Not only that, but her book also gives general information, such as where someone is. I know that at least in the manga she could basically ask the book where so and so was and it would show a picture of them and information about where they are and what is going to happen to them in the future. Also, basically the book’s other main feature is that it can read the thoughts of anyone…HELLO!? That again has got to be one of the most powerful abilities anyone can have. Ptth, screw some sword swinging bitch, forget Asuna Negi and make Nodoka your permanent partner, enough with these temporary ones, Nodoka’s book kicks ass which makes her kick ass.

Oh, I want to make a note that technically since she has a given birthday of 1988 she is not a loli anymore so it’s fine to be…obsessed with her and such…

Here are the pictures, some of these are fan art and others are probably more official scans or wahtnot, I just pick whatever images I like so the officialness of these pictures isn’t too high.

The following are some more fanservicey pictures

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  1. PICS O_O waow. I believe she is really kawaii as well, not sure she is my fav, but I loved the love magic research she was doing. ^^

  2. Yes! Another Nodoka fan! She’s definitely my favorite character, and to be honest, I was mostly reading Negima just to see her ^_^. Thanks for sharing all the pics, too. No such thing as too many of them! It’s nice to see the smart girl be the first to declare her love for a change.

  3. you know, now that i know her birthday, i think the first “fanservicy” pic (from a negima calendar, if i remember right) is explained better… because i don’t remember her being that… endowed… in the first negima anime..

    then again, i need to get the manga…

  4. I know she can read other people’s thought, but I’ve never read the part where she can read the future. Could you tell me at which part(chapter or story arc) did she read the future? Did this happen in the manga? I know the part where she can find out other people’s location. But that’s because she’s using the book to interrogate other people.

  5. I’ve read the manga too and I think the whole future bit refers to her just seeing a little bit and knowing what someone was going to do. I rememer even as early as the Kyoto arc when she used the book to help Negi against Kotaro. The book didn’t see that far into the future or anything, but it had already detailed what Kotaro was going to do. I don’t really think that that was so much of a thing where she read his thoughts. Although she does that too I think the book showed what he was going to do in fighting.

    The book’s main purpose is more or less reading thoughts and detailing information about where people are and things like that, however I think that it can a little bit tell what’s going to happen.

  6. Nice Nodoka profile there. She’s my fav as well, but, just a correction. Yue is a smart character. If I’m not mistaken, Takamichi mentioned that her problem is pure laziness and never wants to do anything or apply herself. Just think Shikamaru of Naruto who is pretty much the same. He has a really high IQ, yet, his schoolwork was just as bad as Naruto’s. Naruto made the worst marks of the entire class and Shikamaru’s marks were pretty much equivilant to his.


  8. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch nodokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  9. I agree with a few of the others. I no longer pay attention to the bath scenes or other such scenes in the Manga if Kawaii~ Nodoka is not there.

    _————,——–,—–,————————–, /|/ |/|
    | ||||||||| `——–‘ | o BANG!!!
    `_——————————————————| \|\ |\|
    `\_,———,———,—————————–‘ \|
    / XXXXXX /’
    / XXXXXX /
    / XXXXXX /
    / XXXXXX /
    / XXXXXX /
    /_______ /

  11. _————,——–,—–,————————–,
    | |||||||||—`——–‘———————————o
    / XXXXXX /’
    / XXXXXX /
    / XXXXXX /
    / XXXXXX /
    / XXXXXX /
    /_______ /

    my gun messed up XD

  12. Nodoka is so cool I think if I were any character from Negima I’d be her. And my sis said that I was most like her except less shy oh and I love this website!!!

  13. YES YES NODAKA IS BEST OF THEM ALL please negi i hope you pick her if you dont i will be really mad NODAKA FOR THE WIN!!!!

  14. I think Nodoka is the cutet girl in Negima. I have all of her pictures and i can’t what to find more.

    Love you Nodoka!!!! Woooooo!!!!

  15. Heh..well first of all I am quite jealous entering this fan site since there’s gonna be
    >A lot of Nodoka lovers and all

    >Well,she is the best for me.
    I love her no matter how many anime I watch she is still my dream wife

  16. BTW Yue is only in the Baka Rangers club because she can’t be bothered to study at all. She’s actually just as smart as Nodoka, if not more so.

  17. Well i agree tht negi should be negi parnter i want to know if negi like nodoka i hope he does i dont like asuna tht much at all and tht i like Yue too.Nodoka and Yue are great friends and tht Yue like negi too.OMG I love love love love love love love love love lovelove love love love love love love love love love love love love love the show so much. nodoka i hope u and negi be girlfriend and boyfriend too. and i lovr the pic of nodoka she look cute in all of them. and i am a girl….ok

  18. I love Nodoka. She was one of my favorite characters in the anime. Smart, Cute, Clumsy, Shy, and on top of it she has PURPLE HAIR!! Why cant normal humans be born with cool hair?

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