Site Update, Summer Season, and Taking Requests…..Oh My!

Ok, well the summer season of anime is coming up so that means new shows to blog. I’ve already updated the site on the “Anime I’m Looking Forward To” page with all of the anime from the summer season that I’m going to be blogging. Since there is still most of the series going from spring season I’ll be doing them at the same time so I only picked a few. Now, this does not mean that I will not blog any of the summer anime that I’m not including at this moment. If one show gets really good reviews and I learn more about it I may add it.


Another note, to kind of differentiate from some other sites I’m going to start blogging very soon some older shows. Now, not really older shows but just not things that are currently airing. For instance; Shakugan no Shana, Mai HiME, Shuffle. I’ve already watched those shows and probably others that I may add but I like them enough that I want them on my site.


Third note, I’m going to start taking requests for shows to blog. I have a lot of anime stored away, some of it I haven’t even watched yet and I’m going to start taking requests for shows that people who read my blog want to see me blog. If you have a favorite show or something, preferably a non-currently airing one because I have enough of those, then just leave a comment and mention it. If I have it stored away already that means it’s already passed my test and it is very likely if you are first or there are multiple requests, that it will be blogged. If I don’t already have it, I’ll look into the show and if I think I may like it I may blog it. Now, this isn’t a guarantee and even if I do do it, it may be a while like until a series I’m blogging is done before I start but please start leaving suggestions now. The suggested show may probably take the place of the older shows I mentioned in the paragraph above so I don’t have like 50 series to blog, depends on how busy I am.

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