Suzumiya Haruhi – 02

This is another episode in the god of anime. The first real episode, introduces us to most of the characters that stared in the first episodes movie, and what characters they are.


We start off with the main character Kyon who was the narrator of the movie. He starts off high school and introduces himself, so far so normal. Then the girl who sits behind him introduces herself, Haruhi the director of the movie. Basically she says that she has no interest in normal humans, if anybody is a alien, time traveler, slider, or esper then join her. She is dead serious.

As days go by Kyon observes Haruhi’s various strange and weird behaviors. She hardly talks to anybody and only gives basic responses like, “Who cares about that?” “That’s Stupid” “Idiot” Also, her hairstyle changes everyday. The number of tied off points in her hair increases by one each day, starting at zero on Monday and going up to six on Sunday, then it repeats. She also has dumped every boy who ever asked her out, she never says no but she hasn’t been with one guy longer then a week, and the shortest was five minutes after she agreed to go out with him. Also, she has joined a new club each day, and quits it the next. Also, when they change cloths for gym class, boys move to even numbered rooms and girls move to odd numbered rooms to change. Before the boys have a chance to all leave she just starts changing, “It would appear that she viewed guys on the same level as potatoes.”

Eventually, from sitting in front of her, Kyon talked to Haruhi and actually got her to talk more then two words much to everyone’s surprise. Conversing with her before class became a regular thing and one day a conversation about her and clubs sparked the idea in her to make her own club since she hated all the ones that existed. She starts it and uses the clubroom of the Literary Club which has only one member, Yuki, who was the magician in the movie.

Since her club needed members she kidnapped a cute innocent girl, Mikuru the main character of the movie. Mikuru was basically abducted because she looks cute, that’s it. According to Haruhi all stories and groups have to have one Lolita looking innocent girl, and since Mikuru is innocent looking and cute, that’s why she took her. Their club doesn’t really have any one particular point, but my guess is throughout the series they will do a wide range of things like the movie we saw.


This is a perfect second episode. Again this series has really put itself at the top. It has so many hilarious moments that are just too numerous to name. The characters are priceless too, especially Haruhi, a very lovable character. Mikuru is also funny when she was basically abducted or, “Voluntarily Arrested” as Haruhi said. She was just frightened to death especially when Haruhi locked the door behind her after bringing her to the club room. This series defiantly has potential.

I think throughout the series we will see some sort of advancement in Haruhi and Kyon’s relationship. Haruhi mentioned something about having maybe met Kyon before and Haruhi is obsessed with aliens so maybe there is something up with Kyon and perhaps he met Haruhi previously which is what sparked her obsession. Although I believe that may be in there somewhere this series defiantly seems like it will be fairly lighthearted and full of comedy for the most of the series.

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