Suzumiya Haruhi – 01

First episode of one of most hilarious anime I have ever seen. Although some don’t consider this episode one, this entire episode is an amateur movie made by some high school students, but with hilarious narration.


We start off watching a movie made by some high school students. It apparenty stars a… combat waitress from the future named Mikuru. She was sent to the present to watch over a boy named Itsuki. Apparently Itsuki is an Esper but his power hasn’t been unlocked. Mikuru has a crush on Itsuki and works at various shops at a mall in a….bunny costume, to attract customers.

We then meet Yuki, an evil alien magician trying to take Itsuki for his power. We then see some cheesy fight scenes and a… commercial for one of the shops they used in the movie. There are more confrontations between Mikuru and Yuki and when Mikuru was about to loose, Itsuki rescues her and takes her to his house.

Apparently the movie then turns into a comedy/romance and a love triangle between Yuki, Itsuki and Mikuru. There is then a final confrontation between Mikuru and Yuki in which when Mikuru is about to loose, Itsuki chooses Mikuru, unlocks his power and defeats Yuki and Mikuru and Itsuki live happily ever after.

We then go to the scene of a small preview theatre where we see the cast from the movie, and the director and narrator watching the credits. The director thinks this is the best movie ever but the narrator, a bit more…sane, see’s its flaws as he pointed out throughout the movie as he narrated it.


OMG, this is seriously like a god among anime. This is the funniest thing I have practically ever seen. The amateur movie is supposed to be cheesy, cliché and poorly made which is what makes it so hilarious. The narration is really what puts it over the top as the narrator comments on things about the movies plot that don’t make sense or things like was that cat the good guy’s sister is holding the same one that was on the evil magicians shoulder. There are other things just about the production of the movie that are hilarious that make this so great. There are times when the director has to yell direction to the characters and that isn’t cut out, nor is the director accidently being on screen and things like that. All together, this movie is just hilarious, leading up to many promising moments of the anime which will most likely be the leading up to the making of this movie.

Some parts that really made this what it was for example when Mikuru, who is a shy girl in real life, speaks bodly her classmate in the scene with her can’t keep in character because she finds it so hilarious that Mikuru is acting that way. There are also comments about how when Mikuru faints that normally someone would talk her to the hospital or get help from someone but this boy decides to carry away this unconcious innocent girl to his house.

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