.hack//Roots – 01

This is yet another .hack installment in the ever expanding overall storyline. The .hack series has always had a slow story build up and this is no exception but give it time and it could become good, has promise.


We start out with our main character Haseo getting PK’ed, player killed, by someone. Haseo just joined the game and is completely new to “The World.” He is then revived by Ovan, a mysterious guildmaster of the guild the Twilight Brigade. Ovan tells him not to give up, that he has a special characteristic and is needed. We then go to the scene of two new characters, a newbie Tabby who is like a cat and another member of the Twilight Brigade, Shino. The two of them seem to be real life friends.

The scene goes to Shino and Ovan talking over a waterfall. Apparently, Ovan is looking for something, the whole reason he created the Twilight Brigade, hmm twilight, twilight bracelet, hmmm? Apparently Haseo has some kind of connection maybe. Shino is then talking with another member of the guild, a guy with binoculars and a leaf on his head and she says how she maybe has two new members for the guild, referring to Haseo and Tabby and that the two of them. He reacts asking if the two of them will be able to help out, obviously meaning the guild has some purpose or goal.

We then see some guild with unknown people talking about Ovan and how he contacted some newbie and that they need information on him. They say that Ovan is on the move and if the thing he is searching for is real then they need to act.

Meanwhile a player who actually is a cat, not just dressed like one like Tabby, approaches Haseo and talks to Haseo but basically doesn’t tell him a thing. Just that he maybe knows something about Ovan or he wants to know something about Ovan. In the conversation she asks why Haseo started playing and he said because he has a friend who “thought” the game was fun. Haseo is then later confronted by two player killers and is almost killed but they stop when Shino intervenes. Shino then says to Haseo he is needed.


This episode has a lot of mystery in this already off the bat. What is the Twilight Brigade searching for, who is Haseo’s friend who “thought” the world was fun that got him to join, and many more. The .hack world has always had intertwined story so you can’t really expect much from just one episode, when judging .hack you really have to look at the big picture and this is defiantly a piece. Give it time and it can develop into something, but for now this first episode doesn’t offer much but I am still a huge fan of it since I loved the other .hack stuff and this is another installment.

I think it is most probably the “Twilight” Bracelet that the “Twilight” Brigade is looking for. I also think that Haseo’s friend who got him into the game is someone from a previous .hack installment or they wouldn’t have made as big a deal out of it as they did. We have also yet to see any actual characters from the other .hack installments but hopefully we will, in Udeden (Dusk, Legend of the Twilight Bracelet, whatever. I call it Udeden) Balmung was still around and if this does indeed take place before Udeden he should still be around.

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