Utawarerumono – 01

Beautiful new series with interesting settings and characters, great start, and is that a real tail?


We start things off with our main character, name unknown, waking up in a small hut. Apparently he was injured and taken in and cared for by Eruruu and her grandmother. The main character has no idea who he is, or anything about himself and he has a mask on that he can’t take off for some unknown reason. Eruruu nurses him back to health and they walk about the village some. It is an old village, set back in about renasaince times. The main character is completely unaware of thing in this village. For instance all the girls at least have tails yet he asked if Eruruu’s tail was real much to her shock.

The two of them come back to the village after walking around to find the Duke’s little brother, Nuwangi unfairly raising taxes for his own greed and collecting them. Nuwangi was a childhood friend of Eruruu’s but now he has completely changed because of his greed. Nuwangi tries to get Eruruu to come away with him but when Eruruu resists, our main character steps in and helps her out.

Later that night there are sounds of roaring from the jungle. Many of the men of the town, Eruruu, her grandmother, and our main character are sitting around a circle in a kind of council. They say they are the roars of Mutikapa, the Forest’s Guardian. Apparently an alter to Mutikapa was destroyed and Mutikapa is angry, they talk about needing to do something and that they need to fix the alter.


I thought this series was amazing. The animation is very beautiful along with some really nice music. I like how it is really set back in medieval ages’ish. It is really heavy on the fantasy, with all the characters having weird ears and tails which is really cool, has definite potential. It has the base for some romance there between main character and Eruruu as well as any other characters that happen to come along the way. There are also some comedic aspects that balance this out nicely, like the part where the main character grabs Eruruu’s tail and she gets all shocked and flustered then pushes him away like that was some kind of advance towards her, even though the main character had no idea what was going on, just priceless.

The main character may be some kind of beast I think. At the beginning you see a kind of dream sequence of great teeth and eye of a beast, then the main character saying something like my body is not returning. Perhaps his mask is somehow holding back that power or spirit.

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