Soul Link – 01

New anime from Navel, the makers of Shuffle! Starts out slow with the introduction of many characters but has potential.


In this first episode we are introduced to the main character Ryouta. He is in a military school and is on his way to board a shuttle for military training aboard a space station. He meets up with Sayaka, a girl in the same class as him and previous friend. They head for their shuttle and meet up with Nao, another friend of both of them but who is in a higher grade. On their way to the shuttle they meet up with yet another character, a definite rival for Ryouta, Kazuhiko. They eventually board the space station and make their way through introductions.

Meanwhile back at the spaceport we see a younger girl who seems to be friends with Sayaka and is looking for the shuttle to board for their space station. They mention back on the station about a genius kid who is coming aboard, genious because they skipped grades. We see two other characters, not much is known about them but they seem to be with some militant group, good or bad. They are shown with soldiers of some kind in a stealth ship orbiting somewhere.

We have some fanservice and then Ryouta gets note that his brother is coming to visit him, who is also in the military. Nao goes all crazy over this, making it obvious that Nao has a thing for Ryouta’s brother.


Right off the bat you can see the similarities to Shuffle! Me being a shuffle fan, I found this series so far to be ok. You can’t really judge it yet, the start introduces a whole slew of characters but doesn’t set up any plot yet, which is ok, and it is the first episode after all. The character designs are all very similar and seriously there is one kid who is like the same character as a little kid in Shuffle who flipped up girls skirts, same kid same thing in the first episode.

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